Trying to find two books from my childhood
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Please help identify these two books (fiction) from the 70s (possibly earlier), each with an aviation motif.

I read these books around the late 70s, and they may have been published in the UK or Australia. I thought they might have been written by Nevil Shute, but it doesn't look like it.

Book A. The title is something like "The Race Around The World" -- a race for light airplanes i.e. single piston-engine. There's the guy that owns the airplane, and his co-pilot is an aviation-crazy kid. It might have been a race from England to Australia (because when you're a kid, everything looks bigger).

Book B. An aircraft accident investigation: a light airplane collides with an airliner, and the light airplane's pilot is found to be at fault. His widow doesn't believe it, and finally succeeds: the crash was due to a faulty ATIS that was reporting the incorrect altimeter setting. (The machine had just been serviced, and the technician put the tape loop on "backwards", resulting in an out-of-date recording being broadcast.)

Please hope me!
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For Book A - Is it possible you're thinking of the Dave Dashaway books, by Roy Rockwood (a house pseudonym used by the Stratemeyer Syndicate) ? One of the books in the series is Dave Dashaway Around the World, and he flies a hydroplane.
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Sorry, that's misleading - in one book it's a seaplane; mostly Dashaway's just "the young aviator."
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Dashaway sounds cool, but that's not it. These were not children's books, just the regular grown-up kind.
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