Ectopic Pregnancy Recovery
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Have you or a family member gone through an ectopic pregnancy? How long did it take you to recover?

At the beginning of March I was diagnosed as being ectopically pregnant (the fetus residing in the tube rather than the uterus). We caught it early enough that I was able to receive a methotrexate (chemo) shot instead of going through surgery. My hormone levels just yesterday returned to zero. I am still bleeding and periodically get some non-severe pain/cramping near that tube and ovary. My doctor has said that it could take months for the bleeding and pain to stop. What have your experiences been?
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My sister went through it, but unfortunately she needed to have a tube removed. She was OK after about a month and now has two boys.
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A friend of mine had an ectopic pregnancy, and conceived again about a month later with a perfectly normal pregnancy. She had a little girl less than a month ago.
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