Please help me find a kosher deli/caterer in the San Jose area.
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South (San Francisco) Bay Area: I need a kosher deli/caterer ASAP!

I have been tasked with having some food delivered to a family that is sitting shiva. We'd like to have a brunch delivered- bagels, whitefish, coffee, juice, etc.

Requirements: We want this delivered Saturday morning, it must come from somewhere that keeps kosher, and this is all happening in the South Bay (I can't think of any places that are specifically kosher in San Jose).

Please help!
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Best answer: Izzy's Bagels in Palo Alto keeps kosher and does platters. Best Bagels in the Bay Area, in my opinion.
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A place that is strictly kosher will not do a Saturday delivery, as it is the Sabbath. Technically, shiva does not take place on the Sabbath, either. This website has a good accurate database of kosher restaurants - you can call around and see who can accommodate you on the food if you don't mind receiving it on Friday or Sunday.

In addition, nowadays many grocery stores offer a wide selection of kosher-certified products which could be picked up (or possibly delievered) on a Saturday.
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Yeah, I was actually under the impression that Izzy's was closed on Saturdays but their website says otherwise so I didn't mention it. Best to call ahead to be sure.
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Response by poster: Mchelly- oh crud! I didn't even think about that! Well, my task is to find a kosher brunch. My barely Jewish boss is in charge of figuring out the logistics.
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First task might be to find out how observant the family in question is. Best bet would be to have it delivered late on Friday afternoon, but you could also pick it up yourself (leaving all the kosher packaging seals and tapes intact) and keep it in a fridge until it's needed.
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Response by poster: The family is definitely observant. I think we'll have to do the buy on Friday/deliver on Saturday thing.

And sarahnade, Izzy's sounds perfect. Unless boss-man comes up with something better tonight, I'll be calling Izzy's in the morning.
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The Kitchen Table in Mountain View is a kosher restaurant (and what with you not even being able to bring your own baby food, pretty serious about it) and they do platters.
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Check with the family to be sure they're OK with Saturday delivery. If they're traditionally observant they certainly will not want to sign for anything, and probably want everything for the Sabbath to be in place before sundown Friday. You may need to call and see if they have fridge space for a Friday afternoon delivery or whether Saturday night/Sunday morning would be better for them.

FYI, Shabbat begins at 5:26 PM this week in San Francisco, and will end (depending on some variant customs) anywhere from 6:26-6:57 PM on Saturday night. (
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