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How to have fun in Reading, UK?

I'm an 18 y/o male who recently moved from NZ to Reading, UK. I'm working (and living) in a place where I am at least 10 years younger than everyone else.

So I'm just wondering if there are any especially good places in Reading to have fun + meet people, mainly looking for bars and clubs to check out, as well as other places known only to locals.

Thanks in advance!
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The Purple Turtle.
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Not being entirely facetious - I know people from in/around Reading who spend most weekends out of Reading. It's fine for pubs and hanging out in mates' living rooms but bars and clubs not so much.
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If you can wait until August, there's the Reading Festival.
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There's a large university in Reading, so I imagine one would find bars and clubs near it with people your age.
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+1 for The Purple Turtle although I've not been there for a looo-oong time now...
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If you're of a geeky slant, Great Expectations is a fun pub to explore at least once. Food's great too.
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Plus one for London - it's not far to London. Come to London.
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fire&wings: yeah leaving isn't really an option, have thought about it though =]

Ted Maul: been to london as well but its a bit of a trek
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Take the train if getting into London is a pain. There are regular services to both Paddington and Waterloo.
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I spent half a year in Reading, and I too went into London as often as possible (even staying late sometimes -- mind the last train time!).

But if you are asking about things to do in town, we never got too far from the pubs near campus.*shrug* A few times we went closer to the city center, but it wasn't worth it for what we found there. Moind you, we had a lovely picnic by the river one day, but I don't think that's what you're after.
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Pretty predictable and cheesy but have you tried the Walkabout bar in Reading? A friend of mine worked there for years and met and became very friendly with loads of Kiwis and Aussies, it's kind of a magnet. She worked & lived there which might be a step too far for you but if you want to find people your own age from a similar background who are up for having fun it would be worth a go.
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No matter where it is, every Walkabout is hell on earth. I image the Reading one might even be worse than usual.
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