Essential books on branding?
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What essential, comprehensive book (or other resource) on branding would you recommend?

I am a graphic designer who has been entrusted with the visual identity and growth of a young brand, and am realizing I want and need to know more about the art and science of branding itself. There are tons of books out there - where should I start?
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I really like David Airey's Logo Design Love. It's simple, but comprehensive, and conceptualized perfectly, just like good design work.

There's a free chapter on his site:
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Pretty much anything by Wally Olins - he literally wrote the book(s) on branding. I particularly recommend his Brand Handbook. Lots of insight to get you started.
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I found Marketing with Meaning to be very relevant for today's branding issues- it does good analysis of social media and the good and bad ways to use it. I think it would be especially relevant for a young brand as you'll probably be doing a fair amount of on the fly marketing.
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