Philly Hotels in City Center?
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Philadelphia-Filter: I'll be heading to Philly at the end of March for business and will need to stay within walking distance (or easy transit) of City Hall. Recommendations for inexpensive hotels?

Maybe I've just been in the boonies for too long, but the places I've called for reservations (Courtyard, Doubletree, Hampton) are quoting me an average of $250 a night, which seems ridiculously high to me.

Is it unreasonable to think I'm going to find a better rate if I want to stay within walking distance of what looks to be downtown? Having never been to Philadelphia, are the transit options good enough that it would make sense to look for hotels farther away?

Any advice/recommendations would be wonderful: although it's for business I'll be paying out of pocket and I really can't afford the $1,400 that my stay would cost based on what I've found.
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I really like the Alexander Inn, which is at 12th and Spruce (say, 8 minutes from City Hall by foot). Super cute independent hotel.

When I last lived in Philly, SEPTA was awful.
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That's about right. Philadelphia is a big city, after all. You might look into a bed-and-breakfast; some have cheaper rates. Have you tried, Expedia, etc.?
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Seconding the Alexander Inn. I think Philadelphia is an expensive hotel town though, compared to other cities of the same size.
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Club Quarters at Chestnut and 17th. It's about five minutes by foot from City Hall.
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You might try the "name your price" option on; you should be able to get a decent hotel for less than $100 a night. The downside is you have to make an offer to buy for a certain price, star rating, and area without knowing exactly what hotel you'll end up at. I've been happy with the deals I've got, though.
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Response by poster: You guys rock!!! Booked in at the Alexander Inn and saving a TON of money by doing so. Thanks!
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FYI, one reason the Doubletree, Hampton, etc are quoting so high at the end of March is ACRL (among other things, I'm sure). I'll be there and it was a PAIN trying to find hotels at a decent rate due to the conference.

If for some reason the Alexander Inn reservation falls through, I can recommend booking at Holiday Inn Express, and another option for a decent rate was the Windsor Suites (Club Quarters, sadly, is booked for the time we needed it).
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