What's your favorite travel expense app?
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What's a good solution for tracking travel expenses while on the road?

I have a Mac and an iPhone. I need to be able to track travel expenses. I don't so much want to buy one of the nifty receipt scanners because I don't want to carry it around with me. I would like to be able to compile everything into a nice handy invoice or report or something to turn in for reimbursement.

If all else fails, I'll just stuff receipts into a manila envelope (I'll probably do that anyway), but there's got to be an excellent app/application combo out there that people adore.
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JotNot -- takes photos of receipts, automatically makes them in PDFs.
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Plendi lets you take a photo of the receipt, and then real people process the info for you.
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Full disclosure, the founder of this company is a friend of mine. That said, he started this company specifically to solve the problem you're having: Expensify.
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This reminded me of a previous question from mathowie: "What's the perfect app to track expenses?" It's few years old but still relevant.
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We've started using Expensify at my office recently - it's ultra-simple and looks to be working out quite well. I wish it handled mileage a bit better - I'd love to be able to quickly jot my odometer readings down right in the iPhone app - but for receipts it's golden.
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I've used Ixpenseit for a while now. Allows you to take photos of Receipts, create reports.
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Thanks, all - I've downloaded Expensify and will report back on how I liked it when I return!
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And here's a follow-up: I used Expensify throughout my trip. It takes handy pics of receipts with the iPhone camera and uploads them to the cloud as PDFs. You can create an entirely-PDF report with all expenses broken down by category and copies of the receipts attached. Very handy! Thanks for the suggestions.
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