Can you identify this movie?
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I saw a trailer for a movie, in about 2007-2008(?), that seemed to be shot to look like a 1970s education film/horror movie, and in the trailer it featured men and women running around an abandoned middle school as paranormal events happened, specifically file cabinets and envelopes moving around by themselves... I thought the movie was called "End of the Season" but I can't find any info on it. Can anyone help?

And believe me I have been googling this on and off looking for it, even scouring IMDB. I am sure I have the title wrong because no results show.
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After Last Season?
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(And if that's it, don't miss the truly strange meta-story, as covered here on MetaFilter.)
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Response by poster: YES!
Thank you!
Now I have to see this!

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Let me know if you find a copy. It's rumored to be floating around the BitTorrent sites.
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The movie is available on DVD from Amazon. l bought a copy when it came out. It's an interesting movie to say the least.
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Response by poster: I think I might just buy it!
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I know I'm not adding anything here, but I read some reviews because this post got me intrigued.

Jesus it sounds terrible. Like, really really never going to get those minutes of your life back terrible.
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