Hotel in downtown New York City?
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Hotel in downtown NYC?

I know there are other NY hotel questions - but I am looking for something specific. Hotel in the downtown neighborhoods, below 14th street (Village, Soho, Madison Square Park,etc.) for under $300 per night. Not interested in a budget hotel... I like for a hotel to have a lobby, concierge, etc.

Any suggestions?

I have an option for a great rate at the Ritz Carlton Battery Park but it seems too far south. Right?

Opinions? Advice? Thank you!
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I believe The Jane is a perennial favorite on these threads.
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Soho Grand has some deals that are a bit less than $300 a night (though most reservations are probably over that). It's a very nice hotel with your usual luxury amenities.

I have an option for a great rate at the Ritz Carlton Battery Park but it seems too far south. Right?

Too far south for what? You need to give us more context if you want us to be able to answer a question like that.

Also, just so you know, Madison Square Park is way north of 14th St.
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If you're willing to go a bit above 14th street, Gramercy Park Hotel can be a fun place and I've seen rates below $300 per night, but looking at it now most are a bit over.
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I don't think that Battery Park is too far South at all, but I imagine that depends on where you'll be spending your time. The Financial District is actually one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Manhattan, and it's just a short walk to the 'hoods you mentioned. (As an aside, Madison Square Park is above 14th St. at 23rd St.)

Eurostar Wall St. is a great hotel for the price, I've had co-workers stay there several times and they have always enjoyed it. It's close to all the subway lines, so getting around is easy.

The Mercer Hotel
is beautiful, swanky and the location is smack in the middle of SoHo. Depending on the day/time of year it is possible to grab a room within your budget. 6o Thompson is another beautiful, upscale place to stay in a very convenient location downtown. I've had family members stay there more than once, and they were quite happy with the place.

The W at Union Square is the best of the bunch. It has all the high end amenities of an NYC hotel, and the location at the North end of Union Square is just about dead center of everything interesting downtown. It can be pricey, but I had coworkers who recently scored an online deal and were able to pay less than $300 during the week.
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I've stayed at the kinda funky Gild Hall for under $200/night. And I've stayed a number of times at the Millennium Hilton, right next to the WTC, for well under $200/night (usually by bidding on priceline).
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I have had a lot of luck using for downtown hotels - you don't get to pick which one you get, but their rating system is pretty accurate and I have often ended up at the SoHo and TriBeCa Grand Hotels (both very nice; I prefer SoHo - but not sure what their current rates run) for incredibly reasonable prices.
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The Standard NY is amazing!
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Seconding Gild Hall.
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The Washington Square Hotel is right here in the Village.
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The Hilton Garden Inn Tribeca can certainly be had for that rate.
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I know several people who've gotten deals at the Millennium Hilton and the Marriott Downtown. Don't know what "too far downtown" is or why (Battery Park and the Financial District are totally safe and conveniently located neighborhoods), though.

I mean, if you absolutely MUST be within a five minute walk of Prince St. for some cryptic reason you're not explaining, then yeah, you should stay at the SoHo Grand. Hotels around there tend to be very expensive, though. I've heard nothing but good things about the Jane, by the way.

There seem to be a few budget hotels popping up in the East Village and Lower East Side, but that's not what you want (AFAIK aside from The Bowery Hotel there are no non-budget hotels around there at all). Most of the new boutique hotels are in the West Village or Meatpacking District as well as Gramercy Park (which is apparently outside your bounds and not typically considered "downtown"). All are pretty spendy as far as I'm aware.
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Oh, and per deadmessenger - I've walked past that hotel many times and it seems nice from the outside.
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My mom just stayed in The Smyth in Tribeca and really liked it, especially because it was only 1 block from tons of subway lines. I think it's around $200.
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