Marital Aids: Where to buy?
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Online sex toy vendor recommendation? Difficulty: must be located in Canada as I'm not willing to sign for this kind of package sent through customs irregardless of the discreetness of the labelling.

If you'd prefer you can send responses to
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Come As You Are is pretty well respected.
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I've been happy with the service I've gotten from Good For Her.
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As is Good For Her.
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Womyns Ware
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Pink Cherry
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Venus Envy has an online store as well as brick-and-mortar stores in Halifax and Ottawa.
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I have shopped at the b&m Venus Envy -- 2nded. But...there are parcels delivered in Canada that require signatures even though they originated in Canada, and I get stuff from the States that doesn't require a signature all the time. I...yeah, dunno what else to say. I imagine you want to be choosy about the shipper and not the country. Can you handle getting something dropped at your door by UPS or FedEx if this is just a paranoia about signing for it at your local post office?
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I think--just guessing--the difference here is that customs forms say in clear writing what's in them. That said: I have had a few embarrassing things printed on customs labels over the years, and no Canada Post employee I've dealt with has ever even noticed, let alone batted an eye or said anything.

That said, to the OP: have you considered shopping in person? Most major cities have respected stores -- Little Sisters and Womyns Ware in Vancouver; Come As You Are and a million others in Toronto; Venus Envy in Halifax; and all of them non-skeezy, staffed with friendly, helpful, and non-judgmental people. Plus then you get to get a sense of what something feels like, what it weighs, the material, etc.

To be blunt: it's 2011. Unless you're the Prime Minister, no one cares who you are when you enter a store.
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A friend of a friend works at an Amazon distribution center here in the US. He said you would be shocked by the amount of sex toys they ship on a daily basis. Maybe you can check there too? Can't get much more discrete than an Amazon box.
posted by jeversol at 11:01 AM on February 13, 2011 is a pale shadow of it's american parent and does not stock sex toys.
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