Where to watch the News Online
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Need a good source for watching news online. Usually miss news on tv so would prefer to watch it when i can...Any suggestions?

Since I am usually not available to watch news on TV when its broad-casted and am a bit overwhelmed by the amount of news online I ask for your suggestions... I would love to be able to watch something online, local/world news that updates every hour or so...or just has the days news available to watch whenever I get the chance... Your help is highly appreciated!
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Al Jazeera's live stream is great. Obviously right now much of the focus is on Egypt.
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Justin.tv has several news stations. Msnbc and CNN are just two.
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Response by poster: No mobile for me...the justin.tv is looking best so far...thanks for the info ;-)
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The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)'s News 24 station is pretty good, and apparently can be streamed from outside Aus now.


Obviously it can be a bit Australia-centric, but compared to the commercial networks, it's not too bad for world news. It's quite similar to BBC News.
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Livestation.com has a good selection of news channels.
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