Where can I download Incendies?
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Where can I download the movie Incendies?

The Ocsar nominations for Best Foreign Language film came out a few weeks ago, and Canada's entry, "Incendies" looks incredible. (And Lubna Azabal is one of my favorite actresses!) It opens in New York and LA on April 22nd, but I'd like to download and watch the movie ASAP. I'm in the States and am willing to pay for a legal download. Anyone know of a good site to try? The movie is in French and Arabic. I'm sure the original has French subtitles for the Arabic parts, so the original version is fine. A version with English subtitles is also okay.
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Did not see it on any of the private trackers I'm on. Will check usenet later (stupid work blocks binsearch, et al, but not tracker sites).
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How about a quick flight to Toronto for the next 8 days, or many other theaters?

(Aside: my father was once so excited to see a film (I think it was Europa, Europa) he drove 8 hours to see it in Manhattan). Most I ever drove just to see a film was the Blade Runner Final Cut, I believe I drove 2 hours for that one).
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This is totally unhelpfull, but I just wanted to confirm it is an incredible movie indeed. And yeah it's showing again over here since the Oscar nomination, if you feel like a 8-hour drive north
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Response by poster: Yeah, I thought about driving up actually, but that's a bit expensive. I even got an interview for a job in Vancouver for that purpose, alas no Canadian work authorization meant no in-person interview. Anyway, it was screened at so many film festivals, so if anyone knows of a way to watch online the movies released in any of those fests, please share.
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One way bus ticket to Toronto is $78 from New York City, 13 hour bus ride. Doable in a weekend without taking time off work. Heck, see it twice!

Or wait till April.

Or, find someone who is an Academy member and has an Oscar-screener.
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