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Can anyone recommend a good therapist/psychologist/counselor who deals with motivational issues in downtown Boston? (I work very near South Station.) I'd prefer it if they accepted health insurance. I'm in Providence the same day every week as well, if you know someone really, really good there, too. By motivational issues, I mean a very heavy and intense inertia, affecting my home and work life, probably tangled up with depression and ADD or something like it.

I'll have a car in Providence, but not Boston (it would take longer to get to my car than it would to drive anywhere in the city.)

Please contact me at hey.nonny.maus@ if you don't want to post a reply in public.
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Call the Nat'l Association of Social Workers Referral Service: 617-720-2828 and leave a message let them know what you're looking for, your location, and a number to reach you at. They'll call you back and help you out.
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