What's a good small, light, pen-powered digital notetaking machine?
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Help me find the ultimate electronic notetaking device?

I take lots of notes during the day, including:

- to-do lists
- grocery lists
- reminders
- phone messages
- drawings
- journaling
- charts/diagrams

I use lots of different kinds of paper (blank/lined/gridded), and I'm starting to go a little crazy keeping everything organized.

I'd like to consolidate everything via a single digital device, if possible. I have a tablet PC, but it's too heavy for everyday notetaking.

I'm looking for something more Kindle-sized. Pen input is a priority. I have my eye on the forthcoming Asus eee Note.

Anything else you can recommend?
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Not out yet, but this looks promising.
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It sounds like you want the modern replacement to an Apple Newton.

An iPad with a PogoStylus, and a suitable "drawing" app that would let you save documents sounds like a decent fit if you can't find anything else.
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Not exactly what you're looking for, but I often take notes with paper and pen and then take a picture of them with Evernote on my phone. It does text recognition and makes my handwritten notes searchable electronically.
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I use an iPad with a BoxWave stylus and the app Note Taker HD. It's brilliant. Notes Plus is also brilliant.

This combo has replaced a dozen notebooks, legal pads, and the bag to hold them.
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Oh, also, Note Taker HD (and maybe Notes Plus, but I'm not sure) also allows PDF import for annotating, if that's important. Each one allows multiple paper styles, subcategories, etc.

Notes Plus is nifty because it can interpret sketches to smooth geometric shapes.
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I don't know this new Asus device, but I will say that my husband and I have been very happy with Asus netbooks and laptops.

I'm curious - why do you prefer pen input over something like a thumb keyboard? I had stylus input with my palm z22, and while I adored my palm, the thumb keyboard input on my iPod touch is much better for making notes (or metafilter comments). It's faster, and I am more accurate.

if I knew more about your preferences, it would be easier to make recommendations.
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I'm curious - why do you prefer pen input over something like a thumb keyboard?

I make a lot of drawings and also arrange my notes in little boxes all over a page, in a way that makes sense to me but might not make sense to anyone else.

I'd also like something to serve as a light mobile sketchbook.
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I enjoy drawing on my iPad, with a Griffin stylus (steel with a rubber tip) but I think you're right to want a wacom digitizer and pen. The iPad isn't super responsive and doesn't have pressure sensitivity. It's still fun to work within it's parameters.

LatinVixen demo/reviews different drawing tablets on her youtube channel.
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Nthing noteslate.com.
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I've not used one, but the LiveScribe could fit the bill. You would however have to buy their paper.
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Ditto the noteslate if it comes out at the price they're saying.
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The Sony PRS-350 has a touchscreen and accepts stylus input for taking notes/drawing. It lacks wireless connectivity and expandable storage though.
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