Where can I buy a Macbook Pro charger in Cusco, Peru?
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Where can I buy a Macbook Pro charger in Cusco, Peru? I think my charger crapped out on me and I need a new one. I can´t really wait for my family to mail one down from the States, so I´m venturing to Cusco, the closest big town from the one that I live in, to find one. Does anyone have any idea where i can find Apple products such as this? It´s the magnet kind :)
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Why don't you order one on amazon.com and have it overnighted to you.
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Apple's list of authorized resellers in Peru. Most of them are in Lima, but there don't seem to be any in Cusco.
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Is there a university in Cusco? Computer shops around the university may have one. If it isn't obvious which shop, find a student in a cafe or some Mac in town and have them point you to someone that might have it. This is what I did in the middle-of-nowhere Mexico. Note that if all you can find is an older MacBook only charger, it will work on your MacBook Pro but it won't charge as fast (or at all while you're actively using it). You also may not find an official Apple MacBook Pro charger, but another maker that may not have the quality you may prefer for an authentic part. Batteries/chargers are serious business so you don't want to skimp on this part.
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I was in the rainforest, operating out of Puerto Maldonado this spring. When my PI's mac broke, she ended up having to send it back to the United States to get fixed because there was nowhere in the area that would be able to fix it. Does Cusco have a mercado? The mercado in Puerto had a whole bunch of electronic stalls with men who were pretty knowledgeable about computer bits and electrical things. If there is a place in Cusco where you can buy a charger, they'd probably be the ones who know.

Ooh - you might also check with some guides or somebody at hostels catering to the backpacker crowd. There are enough tourists coming in and out of Cusco, probably carrying electronics, that surely you can't be the first person to have a mac charger crap out on them.
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Lima, yes, but I spent a fair amount of time in Cusco and don't recall seeing an Apple store or anywhere that would sell a Mac charger.
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Response by poster: yeah, i�m going on a mission to cusco tomorrow. i can�t really overnight it from amazon because i live in a small village and the mail here isn�t reliable. i�ve wandered around cusco a few times but never saw an apple logo. a few friends here have given me advice too, so hopefully i�ll have some good luck! thanks everyone!
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