Proposal in Napa Valley
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I have a friend who wants to propose to his girlfriend in Napa Valley, CA in the spring. Any suggestions as to location? He is open to all ideas. Thanks!
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Best answer: Napa Valley Biplane Company.
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Best answer: Castello di Amarosa
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Best answer: Artesa. Best views ever in every direction. It's truly impressive and in the Spring it will be gorgeous.

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Best answer: It has been a few years since I stayed there, but the Vintners Inn was the most stereotypically romantic hotel I've ever been in, which means, of course, I was there on business and travelling as a single person.

The large rooms (my business colleagues all said the same things) had fabulous, chalet-style, cathedral ceilings, grand, four-poster beds, and fireplaces. It was lovely.

So if he just wants to book a weekend away for a wine tour, they can hit a couple of wineries, buy a really good bottle, come back to the room, light the fireplace, pop the cork and pop the question. Done.
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Best answer: French Laundry?
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Best answer: FARM
Outside in the patio with the fireplace. Nice!
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Best answer: Hot air balloon ride.
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Best answer: French Laundry is a solid option if he has a budget. It was the best meal I had ever eaten, and they would probably lay it on if they knew he was going to pop the question.

If he doesn't want to make a gigantic to-do about it, the roof deck of the Opus One Winery is a cool, unique, and accessible spot. (Photos). The architecture is really cool, the spot is super easy to get to, and I don't think you even need a reservation. The sweetness is more about the spot than the view. It is cool, but mostly just because the building/compound is so grand.

If I were to do it up there, I would pick the deck of Ovid Winery. Not only was it the most beautiful place I encountered in my trip there, but they treat you like royalty, and would take efforts to make it really special. Have him try to get a tasting up there and let them know what he is planning (Photo 1 and 2). In fact, Ovid sits far above and behind Opus One (so you can see the whole valley floor instead of just a single vineyard). It would be a most epic spot to propose.
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Best answer: [all photos are self-links to Flickr]

My fiance proposed to me in Napa at Reynolds Family Winery. It's a small, family-owned winery on Silverado Trail. It has beautiful, beautiful views, wonderful owners & staff and plenty of romance for the perfect proposal (I'm biased, but hey).

The owners and staff were awesome from beginning to end. During the months before our trip to Napa, the staff helped my fiance (Mr. Yeoja) plan all the details. Mr. Yeoja created a wine label with his proposal, sent it to Reynolds Winery, and they put his proposal on one of their estate wine bottles. They helped Mr. Yeoja choose where he'd propose, how they'd get me to choose the "right" wine, how they'd present the bottle to us, etc. The staff even had other customers playing along, so everyone there was in on the surprise! The winery went silent during the proposal, then lots of applause and tears! Afterwards, the staff set up a table outside with complimentary cheese & crackers.

I know Napa is full of beautiful and romantic wineries, but I really recommend Reynolds. The staff helped us with a romantic and unforgettable proposal. They really went out of their way for us - one of the staff was even there (voluntarily!) on his day off to make sure everything went smoothly! Feel free to email me if you or your friend want more details!
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Response by poster: Thank you! I'm marking all as best answers because I will forward him the thread so he can make his pick. yeoja, what an amazing proposal - you are very lucky!
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+1 for French Laundry. My top meal of all time. And I eat a lot.

I also like Aubèrge Du Soleil for the view and the food was also phenomenal - and that was coming the day after French Laundry! Their bar area is much more casual, and an interesting space.

Out of the two Aubèrge has a nicer feel to things. You could also rent one of their rooms/cottages and do it up nice.
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