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I would like to send someone a thank you email after I have presented a proposal for doing business with them. A note in the mail will take to long - and they are a bit far for a hand delivered note. (Or should I hand deliver a note anyway?) Does anyone have a nice example "Thank You" note? Thanks!
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This link, which I believe I found on the blue a few years ago. My sons and I still use this for thank-you notes.
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Sorry, let me continue. I wouldn't e-mail, it's not "proper". Hand send or snail mail.
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I agree, mail a note. Get some nice paper or notecards and spend a few minutes saying thanks, nice to meet you, etc. If you can even consider hand-delivering a note -- meaning that the people you are thanking are not in another country -- then mail will, in most cases, take a few days. Handwritten notes and snail mail are fancy-ish; there is really nothing you can do to dress up an email to that level.
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This is some version of a note that I used:

Dear Yoda,
Thank you for the opportunity to present my proposal to you and your colleagues. I appreciate your time. If you should have any additional questions, please contact me at or at 123-456-7890. Thank you again, and I look forward to the possibility of doing business with you soon.
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Mail is much more classy. And don't forget, UPS or FED EX can have it there tomorrow for a fairly low cost.
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Thanks everyone. I read (loud and clear) that email will not cut it, paper is better.

For next time I am going to get my Thank you notes ready, so after I walk out the door, I will pop a Thank You note in their mailbox.
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