In the banking jobhunt world, AVP does not mean Alien Vs Predator
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What are the best job hunting sites/resources for an AVP level bank officer looking for a new job?

A gentleman of my acquaintance is currently an associate VP at a bank. He's been there for about half of his 30-or-so years of his banking experience, so all his job hunting for external positions predates common use of this newfangled Internet thing. All of my jobhunting has been in the tech sector, so I tend towards dice, monster, etc. Are these still the right place for that level of bank job? Or is there a better place for him to be looking? This is in the greater Boston, MA, area, maybe as far as Providence, RI, if there's a good regional resource I can point him to. He's not married to the banking industry, either, although that's where all his previous experience has been. He's more a manager and program manager kind of guy. (LSS certified but not PMP)
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Online job postings are probably not his best resource. Those types of jobs are more likely to be filled via a referral or professional contact.

He'd be better served by job boards on his industry professional association websites. Those are places that might have a posting at his level. An alternative would be banking LinkedIn group, but that's hit or miss. Occasionally someone will post a job to his LinkedIn group of peers for referrals.
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The Ladders
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AVPs are a dime a dozen at banks--there are thousands in a large bank. I held that title, and in my case it translated to "Senior Software Developer." (I look for jobs the way everyone else does.) Do you know his internal title? Or what his current responsibilities are?
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Yay me for missing the last sentence, sorry. LinkedIn sounds like a good place to start.
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