hypnosis program for cold call selling
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Can anyone suggest an effective, powerful hypnosis program to improve cold call selling?
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Or, more precisely:

Since hypnosis is, as far as anyone can tell, just the placebo effect, any program that you believe to work will work. Maybe.
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Can you elaborate a little bit?
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I think he's probably talking about NLP
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Are you a manager or a caller?

I'd suggest learning a bit about cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. I recently was in a group therapy CB session , and it dawned on me that the techniques are really transferrable, and are kind of essential for work/business and surviving as a professional.

Your appropriation of the CB model doesn't have to be theraputic, although I'm sure the result might end up that way. Maybe mix a little bit of what you already know about cold calling with the exercises of CBT.

PM me if you need some help or elaboration.
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I am a career salesperson. I have made tens of thousands of cold calls over the years. I know nothing about what your exact problem is. But I can tell you this, hypnosis is not going to fix it. If you want to improve sales results, look for ways to sell that don't involve cold calling. Even if you are doing it well, calling into the right target market, you'll be doing good to turn 1 out of 100 calls into a sale. (Assuming B to B here)
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I'm the person making the calls and am interested in neuro-linguistic programming.
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I would, instead, learn some Cold Reading techniques if you're asking about maximum selling here. If you're looking for confidence building, then...we can go another direction.
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Read this before you put too much stock in NLP.

There are no magical potions, or magical programs, that will make you a better salesperson. You improve your sales skills the same way you improve any other skill: by practicing and studying.
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The trick with most cold-calling isn't technique, but rather speed. Good cold callers rip through a tremendous number of numbers in a short time - because as alluded above about 1 in 100 people will respond to cold calling. So if you can do 200 in an hour, instead of 100, you'll be twice as good as before. I'm sorry if this doesn't answer the question, but I know a lot of cold-calling employers like to promulgate the myth that selling techniques help. Maybe they do, a tiny bit, but to be really successful it's a numbers game, and you need lots of numbers.
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[answer the question without being jerks please, thank you. MetaTalk is your option.]
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You could consider learning conversational hypnosis.
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