20,000 leagues of awesome.
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Does anyone have any info on today's google art? Or maybe even where I can view the whole image, not through google-shaped portholes?

It's my favorite google doodle by far, the art behind the logo is beautiful- I'd like to maybe see it in full, if that's possible. My google-fu is failing. I'd even settle for just the artist's name.
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Here you go.
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And here's the official Google blog post which briefly describes the doodle and repeats the misconception that the "20,000 leagues" of the title are straight down rather than several times around the globe.
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The artist is Jennifer Hom.
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Here are the pieces: (pulled from the source)


Perhaps stitching them together will get you what you're after.
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Yeah, here's a writeup of the Doodle team with a picture of Horn drawing a buckyball.
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Thanks you guys!
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Also, here's something interesting:

With beautiful storybook graphics, visitors can plunder the deep and explore the plant and animal life aquatic. But for anyone on a Mac laptop, there's something extra.

Hom writes, "And for those using devices with built-in accelerometers and the latest versions of Google Chrome or Firefox, it's even simpler -- just tilt your device in the direction you want to explore and the Nautilus will follow."

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Google released a high definition version of the image with a larger viewing window, too.
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