Email Forwarding help - domain level.
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Multiple domains- I know how to forward them. I could start a Google account for each. But I'd really like to get the email to forward instead? I want it to be that you send an email to (anything) and it ends up going to my main domain/email account.
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I'm under the impression that a lot of hosting providers do this as a matter of course. If you have a server that you run, then it's also really easy to set up any of the standard MTAs to do this (and then you list that server as the MX for

OTOH, be ready for a massive amount of spam the next time someone fires off a volley to [every single common username]
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Namecheap is a domain registrar that offers free email forwarding.
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Am I understanding this correctly: you want {all email addresses} to redirect to {one specific mailbox} That depends on your email provider, but if you set up free Google Apps, you can go to Email Settings and set a "catch-all address". It looks like this:
Catch-all address

If received email does not match any existing address:
( ) Discard the email
( ) Forward the email to: ___________ @
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I have multiple domains that all forward to the same place. So emails to and and all end up at I could aggregate them to just one inbox if I wanted to, but I don't. It was all done via MTA set-ups by my host and all three domains have a MX record that points to the same box. I very, very rarely see the spam that goes to these days. I think it has been more than two years since the last burst like that.
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Response by poster: In the light of day, I think what I want is a mistake.

Here's what I was thinking.

I have three domains, x, y and z, that are all me. I'm about to set up google apps for Y and Z; X I've had for years.

I've had x the longest. Some people meet me in the context of Y or Z. I'd like to give them an email address for Y and Z - but I don't want to have three separate accounts that I'm constantly checking.

In the light of morning, I realize, I could just use the account for X to check into Y and Z (and reply from Y or Z) - but I still need to set up all three. Ok, I think I have my answer.
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Go into Domain Settings ->Domain Names and add domain alias in the Google Apps Dashboard. It sets up all three domains under one email address.
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Google apps does this perfectly.. just add all the domains. They'll all be canonical (account@dom1 is the ame as account@dom39).

And one account can be set to receive all mail that is not otherwise sent to an account.
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