Identifying a poem and a poet
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PoetryFilter: I am looking for the poet and title of a poem I read yesterday.

I was in Borders perusing current literary mags. (They have very few of them.) There was a poem about a woman accused of being a witch who confessed to sleeping with the devil. There was one line about how the splinters were going into her back during the act but she didn't say anything because what good would it have done. I came back the next night and whatever journal it was in, was gone. That'll teach me not to buy it when I see it!

I can't get this poem out of my head.
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Can you remember at all what the cover looked like? About how large? Anything else from the issue? As you say, Borders carries very few litmags and their choices are weirdly arbitrary, so any other details you give us might help.
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Yeah, if you can describe it, I might be able to help. I subscribe to a few of them, including poetry-specific ones.
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Response by poster: It was your basic smallish size, that is, about half the size of a sheet of paper. Pretty thick. I wish I could remember the cover. It's hard to say what else was in it because I was flipping back and forth between several of them.
I believe it wasn't one of these: Boulevard, Ecotone, A Public Space, Ploughshares, or Prairie Schooner. (I looked through them all again tonight.)
I wish I could remember more. I do remember the title was something like, "The Woman Accused of Being A Witch Confesses to Sleeping with the Devil"
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I don't have anything like that, I'm sorry. I subscribe to Poetry, Tin House, and the Boston Review.
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Call that Borders and ask them which literary mags they typically stock. At least that will narrow down the list.
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Response by poster: Found it. Prairie Schooner, Winter 2010

Emma Bolden, Testimony...Hour Twenty-Seven, in Which the Witch Describeth the Process of Copulation with Devils in the Form of An Honorable Gentleman.

Do read it. But not before bed if you're inclined to nightmares.
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