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Can you recommend me some clever, funny podcasts to occupy my slow work day?

I've found that podcasts with a sense of humor are the only ones I can listen to on a regular basis. The problem is I haven't found too much which seems to really suit my tastes.

The three shows I've really loved have been The Hater w. Amelie Gillette, The Flophouse, and the Ricky Gervais Show (and the xfm years). I guess I'm looking for similar shows where a few clever people gather in a room and ramble on without a ton of structure.

Some others I haven't loved:
40 year old boy
The Best Show
Adam Corolla

I'm up for checking out any other suggestions...Thanks!
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Jordan, Jesse, GO!
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is wait wait ... don't tell me! too structured? i enjoy it. and it has room for rambles for sure.
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Best answer: Uhh Yeah Dude & The Complete Guide to Everything!
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The Infinite Monkey Cage
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The Bugle always gets listened to first among the Monday morning trove of fresh podcasts. By me, anyway.
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WTF with Marc Maron
Doug Loves Movies
Never Not Funny
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Judge John Hodgman
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What's that? Too much structure? Tank Riot is definitely for you.
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Too Beautiful Too Live should do the trick.
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Walking the Room with Dave Anthony and Greg Behrendt
Keith and the Girl
You Look Nice Today
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The Bugle (feat. John Oliver, the British Correspondent on the Daily Show)
Answer Me This
BBC's Friday Night Comedy podcast
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Comedy and Everything Else might be worth giving a listen.
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How Much Do We Love
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Best answer: Stop Podcast Yourself is funny but not in that "trying too hard morning drive time radio" sort of way.
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You might like Car Talk. I remembered it for years as that show on NPR with those guys with Boston accents that my dad liked... so I never bothered to listen to it until a few months ago. But I find it HILARIOUS. Like, stifling laughter on the subway so people don't think I'm crazy hilarious. Also, I know nothing and care little about cars. It turns out they're MIT grads and pretty damn clever guys, and strike a rare balance of being able to poke fun at callers while remaining unbelievably good-natured.
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In a recent thread here someone recommended the Caustic Soda podcast, so I tried it out and have been enjoying it quite a bit. Each show is loosely based on a single theme (for example, they did a series featuring each of the Seven Deadly Sins), but even with this structure they do at least give the impression they're just a group of witty friends chatting and joking with each other on that particular topic. Warning: the discussions can get kind of gross, so I don't recommend it if you have a weak stomach.

I second the recommendations for The Bugle and Answer Me This. I'd also add Ouch, which was featured on the blue at one point.
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I know you said you didn't like the Best Show, but there's also a much more accessible "gems" podcast linked here . Worth a shot!

A Bit of Chat with Ken Plume has also been very good the couple times I've listened. Oh, and Comedy Death Ray Radio.
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Best answer: Comedy Death Ray Radio
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Jean Shepherd monologues. His stories and ramblings are hilarious. There's a whole audio archive here.

Also, is the motherlode of old radio podcasts, mostly from the BBC. Lots of comedy. I recommend the Mark Tavener series (Stephen Fry and Geoffrey Palmer are commonly featured).
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I'll third the Bugle -- two Brits alternating punning and ranting about current events. I actually find myself happy to listen repeatedly. (And I like Chris).

Jordan, Jesse, Go! is also very much two people (sometimes more) sitting around chatting.
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Maybe Widely Ranging Interests?
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Adam and Joe's show is on hiatus at present, but there are several recent podcasts available for download on their BBC 6Music page. So, so funny.
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The Earwolf podcasts are all worth listening to. Especially Comedy Death Ray Radio and Who Charted.

My new favourite is The Long Shot.
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The BBC's "I'm sorry I haven't a clue" is wildly excellent. It's a little bit like a radio version of Whose Line is it Anyway.

Also the Bugle.
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The Nerdist Podcast (three nerds talk about all thing nerdy - great interviews with TV, comedians, comics, games personalities).

WTF with Marc Marron (comedian talks about stuff - also great interviews).

The Friday Night Comedypodcasts from BBC Radio 4 - The Now Show and the News Quiz - are hillarious, but very UK polictics-centric.

Extra Hot Great (three funny and clever people ramble about TV and movies).
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The Joe Rogan Experience
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Three Guys On
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