One-Eyed Shrinks?
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I cannot for the life of me remember the name of a particular social psychologist (personality psychologist? plain old psychologist?) who I learned about in a Psych 101 class. All I remember is he had an eyepatch and an unusually colorful or bizarre personal life.

I don't remember what theories he popularized or much of anything else, except initially I thought he went by two initials (like BF Skinner, though he is not BF Skinner, I don't think) and I am fairly sure the time period was mid-20th century.

I hope I am not just making this person up.
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At the moment I can't think of anyone off the top of my head, but when I go home I can look through my History of Psych book and see if I can find anyone pictured with an eye patch.

However, one idea to maybe help you search: When and where did you take this Psych 101 class? Could you somehow search the university website and see if there is a syllabus or a textbook listing that you can search through? That might help narrow down your search or jog your memory somewhat.
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That's a good suggestion and I'll give it a try.

I'm also remembering that he may have suffered from serious mental illness at some point in his career?
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The eyepatch doesn't ring a bell for me either. (Speaking of behaviorism, ha ha)

"Colorful or bizarre personal life" would suggest Carl Jung, although the same could be said, to a lesser extent, of John B. Watson, who is perhaps subconsciously suggesting to you Skinner?
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I thought he went by two initials

Any chance it was RD Laing? He had a troubled family life, though I'm not sure I'd call it "bizarre." He did put out an album; the cover features weird eyes, which may have possibly led to your eyepatch memory.
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Are you conflating Paul M. A. Linebarger (Cordwainer Smith) and Alan C. Elms
(cited as A.C. Elms)?
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Serious mental illness also points to Jung, who wrote his legendary "Red Book" while experiencing what to later lights was probably an extremely manic or even psychotic episode.
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Definitely not Jung or Laing. I don't think Watson, either.

It is also possible that I am thinking of Harry Stack Sullivan who was (possibly) gay and (possibly, briefly) institutionalized. But in that case I have no idea where this image of a man with an eyepatch is coming from.
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I did some quick text processing to check if there were any matches between Wikipedia's list of psychologists and the list of Notable eyepatch-wearers - no luck, I'm afraid.

1) Save wikipedia code for the two lists.
2) egrep -o "\[\[[^]]*?]]" inputfile | sed 's/\[\[//' | sed 's/\]\]//' | cut -f 1 -d\| | grep -v : | cut -f 1 -d\( | sort > outputfile
to hackily strip off wiki-junk
3) use comm to look for matching lines.

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ok, on phone so i can't make with the linky-linky, but is the image you are thinking of author james joyce? There is a portrait session where he's sportin' an eyepatch under his spex.
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