Help me find small vitamins!
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Recommendations for daily multivitamins that are reasonably sized?

I would like to take a daily vitamin. I hate swallowing large pills, and I know I just won't take the vitamin if it's too big. I can't take chewables because there's something about them that stains my teeth terribly. I don't want to buy vitamins randomly in the store without knowing what they look like, so I'm looking for recommendations for the smallest multivitamins around.
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My sister-in-law had "gummi vitamins" that tasted pretty much exactly like gummi bears. Apparently you can get them on amazon.
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Trader Joe's sells gummy multivitamins for adults.
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Response by poster: Okay, then a follow-up: does anyone know if whatever it is about chewable vitamins that stains my teeth would also be in gummy vitamins? I was sort of assuming yes.
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One a day is actually a fairly small vitamin. (My calcium pills, on the other hand, might choke a horse. You might also want to try a chewable multivitamin.
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Best answer: My Equiline (generic brand) multi's are tiny, like little red chiklets. Many generic brands seem to be smaller, at least in my experience.
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Best answer: I have the same issue with large pills, and I take these Tiny Tabs. An adult dose is 6 little tablets, instead of one huge one. I've gotten them at Whole Foods.
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Easiest way is to ask the pharmacist or someone at that counter.
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Best answer: I have some generics (CVS brand) and they're shaped and sized like an Advil tablet:

There's a picture of the tablet on the outside of the bottle. I can't imagine you could get them much smaller.
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I got gummy vitamins at Target, too.
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(and they're the same ones in the Amazon link)
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I break my huge daily multivitamin in halves and take one in the morning and one in the evening. There's an indentation along the middle of the vitamin which makes it very easy to just snap it in two. I have the Nature Made brand.
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Someone asked a similar question a few years ago and I suggested Nature Made Liquid Softgel Multi for Her, which are (admittedly quite large) liqui-gels. A lot of people (including myself) find the gel-caps more tolerable than smaller tablets. They just seem to go down easier, and they don't taste as bad.

The asker in the past question started taking them successfully, for what it's worth.
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I take Flintstones chewable vitamins. They have an adult dosage listed on the package.
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Response by poster: Again: chewable vitamins are not an option.
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I mix a powdered multivitamin into my morning smoothies.
A word of warning: the powder does not smell or taste good. Mix it with juice or a smoothie to kill the taste.
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I've had the chewables and I now use gummi vitamins, and I don't think the teeth-staining issue would happen with the gummies. I use the one-a-day sour gummies, and haven't noticed any staining.
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I am apt to have teeth staining, and haven't noticed any with gummies. Also love the Target brand.

I got the New Chapter Tiny Tabs for my dad, who had trouble swallowing, and took them for a while when I was staying with him. They seem fine.

I also got him a liquid vitamin, which I don't recommend because it was like having to take cough syrup every day.

Something else to think about is a pill cutter if you have a tablet vitamin that you like in every respect other than its size.
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Would you consider cutting the vitamins with something like these?
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Even if gummy vitamins stain your teeth, they are smaller than the typical huge vitamin and are easy to swallow, so you don't have to chew them. You won't enjoy the delicious gummy bear taste, but your teeth won't be stained. Give them a shot!
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Best answer: I was about to ask this same question a few weeks ago, but then I found these very little Deva vitamins. Excellent.
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I would definitely give the new adult chewable vitamins a shot. I bought the One A Day (which, ironically, you are supposed to take two of) and thought they were pretty tasty actually. If for some reason they also stain your teeth, they'd probably be easy to give away to a friend.
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Response by poster: Thank you to those of you who answered the question I asked. I have ordered Tiny Tabs and will give them a shot.

radioamy, I really don't know how I could possibly have been any clearer that chewables are not an option.
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Best answer: I see you've already ordered something, but just to add to the list of options here. I have the same problem. When she switched brands, my mother gave me a bottle of One a Day Essential tablets, and they're specifically labeled as small and easy to swallow on the label. They're roughly between the size of a Sudafed and an Advil.
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Response by poster: Tiny Tabs are great!
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