Road bike clothing online discounter?
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Unbranded & weirdly branded road cycling clothing: About four years ago I came across a website that was a clearance center for major road cycling clothing manufacturers. It sold a lot of jerseys and shorts that appeared to be excess items from custom-design production runs printed for odd cat2/cat3 teams in different countries around the world, printed with sponsorships for things like Colombian soda-pop companies, German pneumatics firms, etc. They had a lot of jerseys that would normally be $75-100/ea going for around $30 a piece. I lost the URL and am not even sure if the company is still in business (iirc it was a Yahoo! storefront).

Does anyone remember what site that is, or have you seen one similar to it? Specifically it was selling clothing from big names like Sugoi, Louis Garneau, Castelli, Descente, Diadora, etc. The clothing for sale wasn't the result of printing mistakes or minor blemishes, but excess stock.

It was also clearing out jerseys and items from protour and UCI US-continential cat1 teams that were no longer in existence. Back in 2005/2006 it was selling jerseys and shorts for UCI protour teams that rebranded in 2004.
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Convicts of the road?
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I remember such a store. I searched my bookmarks and found that Long' Cycle Supply used to be this kind of store. It does not appear to have much in the way of team kits anymore though. This may have been the store you remember.
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probably too mainstream, but I like Pricepoint
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