Relaxing, Cheap Weekend Getaway Near Seattle
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We are looking for an inexpensive getaway for 2 couples within a few hours' drive of Seattle. We want to sit around, read, play board games, drink, etc -- and we're trying to find a good place to do it.

Our criteria:
-- long weekend in March - probably looking at the weekend of 3/18
-- within 4-5 hours drive of Seattle (the closer, the better)
-- inexpensive ($150/night tops)
-- must have 2 bedrooms
-- must have kitchenette / cooking facilities
-- no camping or yurting, unfortunately

Total awesome bonuses:
-- hot tub
-- cute small town to bum around in for a day

I'm imagining a weekend rental house on the coast, something like this place , which looks totally great. Any other ideas?

I saw this thread - too rustic for us, unfortunately.
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I don't know how expensive or not it is, but what about somewhere in Astoria? It's just over 3 hours from Seattle and I'm sure the drive from up there would be gorgeous (I'm from Portland and thus know that route).
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We stayed here two years back. It's located directly on the beach, with a hottub, kitchen and great price. It's a bit over a three-hour drive since you need to detour through Ocean Shores for key pickup and dropoff. One caveat is that it has one bedroom and one sleeping loft rather than two separate bedrooms.

There's not a ton to wander around in Moclips proper beyond the beach and the forest, but Ocean Shores isn't too far and is the quintessential northwest beach town.
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drive up to vancouver and take a ferry to the sunshine coast.

went here with my wife a few years ago and had a great time. not too exciting, just an awesome place to relax and find some peace.
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I recommend Seabrook, WA ( - a small coastal community near Ocean Shores. Very nice vacation home rentals, good off-season rates, all the amenities you are looking for, and a reasonable drive from Seattle. I've stayed in a home here and it was great!
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Try Westport, WA. about 2.5 hour drive

Westport is a small town. There is a grocery store, a few restaurants, a museum, a few gift shops and etc...

I stayed at Vacation by the Sea last time. I remember two bedroom is under $150. They have a lobby where you can check out board games, dvds and books.
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Lake Quinault Lodge is amazing and wonderful in every way. I don't remember if they have kitchenettes--maybe some of the units outside the main lodge do? It's super super pleasant. Probably a four hour drive from Seattle, maybe five.
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How about a nice bed and breakfast over in Friday Harbor? (I don't have any specific suggestions - it's been too long since I was out there, but it was a pleasant place)
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Seconding Seabrook.
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Why not one of the islands (I really like orcas) or you could head east and go to leavenworth, which I hear is a cool little town.
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The Quileute Oceanside Resort has a variety of rooms and prices. The motel was rather run down last time I was there (they might have remodeled since then), but the cabins were great.
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It sounds to me like you want Kalaloch Lodge way out on the west side of the Olympic peninsula. Short of the hot tub request, their cabins would fit each of your requirements.

If the hot tub is a must, you could make a part-day trip to Sol-Duc to visit the natural hot springs

Bonus - the cabins are right near many very cool beaches, and very close to hiking in the rainforest if that's your thing. Well worth a trip in my opinion.
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Response by poster: Some followup: we ended up going with the Costal Nest Cottage in Pacific Beach, which looks charming and is inexpensive ($100/night). I'll try to remember to post again after we visit.
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