iGoogle and Google Talk Issues
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I use iGoogle as my homepage and use Google talk from there as well but in the last few months I noticed with a few contacts, I can only chat with them in gmail. When they send me a message on iGoogle it flashes orange but the chat box is blank, I have to then go into chat history and see what they said and reply in gmail. I tried searching for answers, even reset my whole iGoogle yet this still persists. If anyone can provide any assistance it would be much appreciated.
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Have you tried using a non-browser based chat client? Pidgin works in Windows, and I use Adium on my Mac. I haven't had your particular problem, but I got really sick of only being able to use Google talk in my browser and always closing conversations accidentally. Life's a lot better with a dedicated chat application.
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With all web apps, start troubleshooting with the following steps:

Try a different browser.

If it works in a different browser, clear out temporary internet files on your primary browser, close it out completely and reopen it.

Make sure you aren't blocking popups.
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Response by poster: Same issue in Firefox and Chrome and it only does it with two contacts that I have noticed. And it is not computer related, when I used a different computer, it also did not work.
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