I am looking for a ventriloquist's plush toy cat.
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I am looking for one of those plush toys that you can put your hand up and make talk, like a ventriloquist's doll. Specificially, I am looking for a cat. Is there a particular brand that caters to such things? Years ago I seem to remember there were places where you could go in, choose the "skin" of the plush toy, then stuff it yourself, name it, that sort of thing.
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The store is the Build A Bear Workshop, but I think you may be talking about hand puppets generally. Lotsa stuff available if you google for that.
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Folkmanis makes lovely puppets. Here's their ragdoll cat; there are other cat puppets on the site.
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Folkmanis has some great puppets, including several cats.
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This one's pretty cute
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Thirding Folkmanis, assuming you don't want something customizable. Their puppets are well-made and will hold up to a ton of abuse, if that's of importance to you.
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Another vote for Folkmanis, we have several of them that Mrs arcticseal has used with her school kids.
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I'm going to nth Folkmanis because they really are that good. Pricey but well made and won't fall apart. There's a store that I go to frequently and I'm always checking out the Folkmanis puppets. I have the black raven one that I appropriately named Edgar.
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Heh, I also came in to say Folkmanis.
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If you can find a store that has a selection, it's worth going in and trying them out; different variations in the stitching will make a difference in the way the puppet feels on your hand. Some will be too cramped, some too loose, some just are going to be awkward while with others the 'awkwardness' is part of the unique way you interact with the puppet. There's a store here in Western Washington that's great, memail me if that's convenient for you to visit.
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Thank you all! I had never heard of Folkmanis before. excellent!
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If you want something a bit more on the muppet side of puppets there is a company called Stage Struck Puppets that makes excellent puppets, including cats. Unfortunately their website seems to be in transition but you can email puppetpop@aol.com and ask to see some cat puppet pictures. If you look at my Projects, the christmas song video I did was with one of their puppets (but not a cat).
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