Am I stuck with an expensive paperweight?
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[Possibly NSFW] What to do with pricey but useless adult toy?

My husband got me a very expensive toy about a year ago. It's this one. We tested it once, and it really didn't do anything for me. When we tested it, we put it in a latex glove because we weren't sure if I'd like it and had some vague thought of possibly returning it. Would it be disgusting beyond the pale to try to resell the toy? We cleaned it and put it right back in the box after we tried it. It would be disinfected thoroughly once again, of course. It would be nice to recoop some of the price of the toy. If I were to try this, where would I even try to sell this? Craigslist? Ebay?
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sorry, but sex toys are one of the few things you should never buy second-hand.
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I'd keep it as an expensive paperweight.

(I was burgled once whilst moving house, and all they took were some toys and a small tv. The thought that someone was going to re-use the toys, yuk, made me feel more ill than the fact that I'd been robbed.)
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Getting rid of unwanted adult toys is hard, because most people understandably don't want a used toy, no matter how well it was taken care of. A few years ago, though, a small group of very close friends and lovers got together for a sex toy swap. Since we all knew each other very well, and in most cases had been intimate with each other at some point, and we all knew that the toys would have been meticulously cared-for, it wasn't weird. But I can't imagine any other situation in which I'd take a used sex toy from someone for my own use, even if it was one I knew I could sterilize. There's no danger, it's just not something I'd be comfortable with.

If you have any connections to a local college campus sex ed organization, they might appreciate the donation. I worked with one for awhile, and we never had enough fun, interesting, not-old-and-gross-looking demo toys to show off during workshops.
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If you have some really open-minded friends who you're comfortable talking about this sort of thing with, you might at least be able to make sure it gets used instead of taking up space on your shelf. But strangers are less likely to take your word for it that the toy is basically unused, let along pay to take it off your hands.
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Yuck. Write this one off. Or save in the hopes that you might enjoy it more at a later date.
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1. It's the internet, somebody will probably find that fact that's it used HAWT. It's a weird place. Put it up on ebay, see if anyone is interested.

2. After watching the video describing the device, perhaps trying it once doesn't convey its potential. Try it a couple of times? See if he likes it in some way? Maybe it'll work as back massager? For $185, try and find some use for it.
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I totally agree that someone on ebay will buy it.

I wouldn't advertise it as gently used or anything, just that it comes in the box or whatever. Let people draw their own conclusions.
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Count your lucky stars, imagine if it was a Sybian - talk about a huge investment.
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I'd vote for putting it in the trash, but Brandon Blatcher is right. There are quite a few used vibrators for sale on ebay right now. One with 5 bids says in the subtitle that it is rare, so maybe that's key. It also notes in the description that it has "minor scuffs and wear." Current bid is $32 plus $8 for shipping.

Another one says in the description (brace yourself), "Overall massager is in good condition has some yellowing on head but one of the cleaner ones ive seen" which I take to mean that the seller has seen quite a few used ones pass through her hands to other people.
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Based on your description, I would totally buy it. In fact, I would offer to buy it now, but I don't think I could afford even say half price.
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Do you still have the receipt? Could you check the return policy of the place that it was purchased?
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I'd say go for it, put it up online. A lot of people won't go for it - but I'm sure someone would... especially considering the circumstances during the one and only time you used it.
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Ha. I thought it might be that one before I even clicked the link! Same situation in this household. Unfortunately I think you might be stuck with it unless a friend or partner wants to adopt it (and good luck to them!)
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Sell privately is really your only option. A retail store will not take an item like this back not only for hygienic reasons, but also likely legal reasons, too. Trust me, I work in this field and have sold SaSi vibes to many customers.

The SaSi is, however, a somewhat complex vibe to use and get to know but is worth it if you can master the settings. Have you spent time, out of the bedroom, getting to know how it functions and the endless possibilities for settings? It's unique in this regard, and I've seen lots of people shy away from it because it does have a bit of a learning curve (it isn't an 'on-off' vibe, but can be trained to use motions and settings you like while it moves away from those you don't like or want to use). You might want to do some more research on the Web, look at video reviews, or even contact the awesome staff at Je Joue if you need assistance in how to operate the SaSi.

If you must sell, the silicone sleeve on the outside *does* come off, which you can sterilize in boiling water. The main unit itself can't go anywhere near water, so carefully wipe that off with a mild disinfectant or hot water and a small amount of gentle soap. At least if you do sell it privately, the person you sell it to can be a bit more assured it will be safe for them.

Sorry the SaSi didn't work out for you, good luck if you choose to sell.
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Thanks for the responses, everyone. I did end up putting the thing on Ebay. I totally re-sterilized it (boiled the silicone parts), accurately described it as used and slapped it up for 1/2 price. If no one bites, oh well. It's worth a shot, and frankly, I could put the money toward something better.
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