What movie is this?
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What movie am I thinking of?

The opening scene takes place at Buffalo Bills in Primm Valley (on the outskirts of Las Vegas) and a man goes into the Casino owner's office and tells him he can't pay the Casino the money he owes. He comes in with a gun and everything. The owner isn't scared by the man's threats and he uses threats against him and the man eventually leaves.

I don't remember any actors, just that the men were between 40 and 60 years old and wearing suits.

Thanks a lot!
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I have seen that scene, but I can't quite place it. Was it in Get Shorty?
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No, im not sure but I think its a fairly recent movie. So annoying to have it right there in my head but just cant get to it!
The only reason I know they are at Buffalo Bills in the scene is that they pan to it and have a few seconds where you can see the roller coaster going, if that helps..

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The Nevada Film Office lists recent films shot in NV here. Maybe scrolling through the list will jog your memory.
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The name of the roller coast is the Desperado, if that helps you search. I tried to search but got tired of filtering out results for the movie "Desperado."
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Thanks so far everyone! Its riiiiight on the tip of my tongue, but still no luck..
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I haven't seen the film, just snippets but it sounds as if it could be No Country For Old Men?
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The Cooler?
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Man, really a bummer to not get to the bottom of this!
I wish I had more info to better describe the scene
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Do you remember anything about the actors in the scene?

Also, could this be a TV show?
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