Pickup BBall in Hoboken?
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Pickup basketball in NJ?

I recently have moved to Hoboken, NJ, but have had no luck finding any indoor pickup basketball games. I'd prefer the gym to be in Hoboken, but would go to Jersey City/Manhattan close to the path.

Bonus points if you can tell me what nights the good runs are.
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Best bet is to ask around the office (if you have one) and try worming your way into a weekly game or something of that sort. Otherwise, this time of year, your indoor options are limited and generally hit or miss. For Manhattan locations near the PATH, there's the Chelsea Rec Center. It's $25 for a half year. I've gone a couple Mondays when they have their adults only evenings, and the quality of play is pretty good. It's just tough getting into a game because the place is so packed. Near the Christopher St stop is another rec center, but the court there is tiny. The night I stopped by, they did run full court though, which was nice, and the games were timed rather than to a certain number of points. It felt less hectic in that there wasn't a throng of people waiting to get next, and the games were fairly short (5 mins?), so it didn't look like you'd have to sit around for long before you got in. Hope you find a good game!
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