Friendly Seattle sports pub to watch the super bowl?
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Trying to figure out where to watch the super bowl this afternoon. I'm in North Seattle. Any recommendations for bars where I can have a little unironic enjoyment of the game without getting beer spilled on me?

I have a tiny tilt toward the Packers but mostly am rooting for a good game. Good beer and food a plus, but quality TV/sound a must.
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My first thought would be the Fremont Dock.
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LTD in Fremont has good screens. There is a sports bar in Phinney/Greenwood called Bleachers, looks a bit divey, but I've never been. The Market Arms in Ballard is a soccer bar but has great screens.
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If you're in north Seattle and are a Packers fan, or even leaning that way, you have to go to Goofy's on 85th and 15th. It's a Packers bar, a good size room with tons of TV's and it will be full of Packers fans.
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Best answer: It may be too late for you to see this, but Cinebarre up here in Shoreline is showing the game on their movie screens, and they serve alcohol.
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Response by poster: Cinnebar sounds really neat, is it at all social?
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Response by poster: Enjoyed Cinnebarre, thanks for the suggestion!
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Oh, cool! Glad that worked out well!
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