Best tasting whey protein powder?
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Best tasting whey protein powder?

I'm experimenting with low-carb recipes that call for whey protein powder and don't know which brands/flavors are the "best."

Powders with lower carbs & minimal weird aftertaste are what I'm looking for. At this point, the cost isn't a big factor. Baking, smoothies, and protein ice cream are the applications I'm looking at right now.

Need vanilla, chocolate, and "natural" flavored, but if you have a great suggestion for a more interesting flavor (BSN Dessert Protein in cinnamon seems to be popular around the interwebs. Any experience with it?), I'd love to hear it.
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Isopure Natural Vanilla, Chocolate, and unflavored.
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Isopure Vanilla is good. Vanilla mixes well with every other ingredient so I avoid the other flavours.

I have some Whey Gourmet vanilla bean at home, and it smells like buttery popcorn. Avoid it!
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I tried Tera's Whey chocolate ($3.19 for a 1 shake sample!) and thought it was hideous. Weird and fake tasting, despite all the touting of organic real ingredients. I've got a bunch of samples on order from Vitalady, to figure out what I want to buy in quantity. The shipping was kinda pricey, though, so it might be worth it to go in on an order with friends. I've also been trading 1 shake samples with friends who do protein shakes, and that's been a nice way to discover other brands.
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Get one of the Optimum Nutrition Natural Whey Proteins. I really liked their vanilla, doesn't have as bad of a tase of artificial sweetener like the other powders.
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N'thing Isopure.
posted by kovacs at 12:47 PM on February 6, 2011 has some very cheap whey protein isolate, the same stuff as Isopure. Plus other options.
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I have the CytoSport chocolate whey powder, available from Costco. It's a pretty good deal (I think) at just over 30 bucks for a big 6-pound bag. It tastes good in water as a post-workout shake; I look forward to drinking it.
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LA Whey from LA Muscle is the only supplement I buy these days. 48g of protein to 6g of carbs, and it's the best tasting mix I've found in thirteen years in the gym. They do vanilla and chocolate, but my favourite is the cappuccino.
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My boyfriend recommends getting your own plain stuff, without the gimmicks, and adding your own sweetener and flavor to taste.
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I'm a big fan of Hammer products - they make soy and whey protein. I like them, so they might be worth a try.
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EAS Myoplex, I have tried a bunch of protein powders and its the only one that actually tastes good to me (by which I mean it doesn't have a weird aftertaste).

Also if you are thinking of using this or any other flavored whey protein powder as a shake I very strongly suggest mixing it with milk instead of water, its about a million times better that way.
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I like the plain or "natural" flavor of Designer Brand Whey which I find in the natural foods section of my local Fred Meyer. It is about $15 and comes in a purple container. I feel like it's not chalky and blends well.
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I'm going with Zero carb Isopure Chocolate (I have vanilla and found it hard to finish without using it in a smoothie). It has a clean chocolate taste without weird aftertastes and it is very easy to dissolve.
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