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Once upon a time in the early 80s we were shown these videos in grade school. I believe this show was also on PBS occasionally, but no one else remembers it. The host was a woman, and I believe she had long blond hair and may have had them in braids. Her companion was this white puppet cat. There was also a song at the beginning of the show and the only one I specifically remember watchine was one about the 4th of July. The whole series may have been about holidays. I don't know. What is the name of this show? Does anyone else remember it?
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Are you sure the puppet wasn't a lamb? If so, it could have been Lambchop.
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Could it have been The Magic Garden, with Paula and Carol? I don't remember much about it to be honest, but I liked it enough as a kid to own an LP of the songs. I know there were puppets...I think one of them was a cat, it may have been named Sherlock. Does any of this sound familiar? I don't think it was on PBS, thinking back, I think it was on channel 11 (WPIX in the NYC area) so I could be way off here.
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Sounds *sort of* like Xuxa (pronounced shoosha), the Brazilian blonde that hosted a kids show, think it was late 80's though. She's way too hot for a kid's show.
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