B-A-R spells Bar, B-E-R-S-H-O-P spells Bershop
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Barbershop quartets. I want the strangest, most delightful, most reality-shattering, most unlivewithoutable barbershop quartets. I want the barbershop quartets that play in your mind during the best and worst moments of your life.
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Does Ted's Band, aka, the Blanks count as a barbershop quartet? They are certainly strange.
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Though not remarkably strange per se, I have always loved The Dapper Dan. Never fails to bring me back from a bad place.
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Sorry, Dapper Dans.^
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My current personal fav list (by sub-genre):
Fred, hands down, for the comic sub-genre.
Men's Quartets: Realtime (sometimes spelled Real Time), Max Q, Gashouse Gang, OC Times
Men's Chorus: Westminster chorus

Multitracked Tags: try a search on You tube for multitrack barbershop tags, but my fav of these is Simon Rylander (who also has his own multitracked barbershop album, but it's not great). His youtube channel is fineyleee (yes, that's spelled correctly with 3 'e's).

Tim Waurick (lungs of steel tenor) has a new multitracked album out called Tim Tracks, and it's phenomenal!

In the 'it's not quite barbershop' category, Straight No Chaser.

Don't forget the women. Quartets: SALT, Martini.
Choruses: Melodeers, Harborlites, Lionsgate Chorus, Stockholm City Voices

Both the women's organization, Sweet Adelines International and the men's, the Barbershop Harmony Society have audio/video to their top scoring quartets and choruses for the year.
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They don't get much stranger than Fred. This year's champion quartet Storm Front can be pretty zany too. Check out aicgold.com for all the quartets that have ever won the Barbershop Harmony Society's international championship.

Of the ones that I can find examples on youtube, here are some of my favorite quartets:
The Allies
Bluegrass Student Union
Boston Common
Four Rascals
Gas House Gang
OC Times
Vocal Spectrum

And a special mention for Tim Waurick, who is just one guy (tenor of Vocal Spectrum), but he records barbershop learning tracks that are better than most of the quartets that will ever use them.
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This moment from the Music Man movie (and all the other versions of it out there, which are each different in their own way) never fails to make me stop whatever else I'm doing and pay attention. The duet that it turns into with Marian! Amazing.
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Tim Waurick records barbershop learning tracks that are better than most of the quartets that will ever use them.

Ha! On one of his learning tracks for our chorus he draws out the chord progression in the tag longer than anyone in our entire chorus was able to post.

He has a number of excerpts on his website from his album, which is not limited to straight bbshop. And there's one tag where he posts like something for 50 seconds.
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The Goovebarbers
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I got pretty excited when I heard the Rounders. Their version of "Georgia on My Mind" is incredible right up to the end. I can't find it on Youtube at the moment.

A young Swedish lad named Simon Rylander (FineyLeee) has a Youtube channel of insane multitracked tags:

Sweet Lorraine
Cruella de Vil (be sitting down.)
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