Looking for unpretentious dance spots in SF
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What are some awesome, unpretentious places to go out dancing in San Francisco on a Saturday night?

I'm visiting the city and am looking for some recommendations. I'm looking for somewhere with a crowd in their 20s/30s, awesome/eclectic music, an unpretentious scene, a good guy to girl ratio, and a cover under $10. I used to live in NYC, and I love the dive bars or chill lounges that turn into a dance scene after 9PM or so.

Things I am not looking for: a traditional "club" with the bouncers and the velvet rope, anywhere that will charge over $10 to get in, a place that is primarily for the gay crowd, a place that plays primarily horrible top 40 hits or bad "house" music, or a place filled with skeezy grabby men. I'm also not super into the Latin scene if that helps.

Any neighborhood is fine as long as it's in the city. Any recommendations?
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My frecommendation would be Shine. It's sort of a "burner" bar but the crowd depending on the night. It's not huge but has a good dance floor and generous pours.
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Also Wish and Double Dutch might fit your bill. I hate the dance floor at both of those places though.

Also, you might want to check out Amnesia.

All my recos are in Soma or the Mission.
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Your might want to try The Knockout. It's a little bit of a hike to get there (waaayy in the bottom of the mission) but it usually has fantastic music and a good dancing crowd.

Another place to check out is The Edinburgh Castle, located in the tenderloin, so be careful not to get shanked! It has has a pretty kickin dance floor as well.

Ahh yes and there is also Little Baobab which is fun if you are wanting to get ridiculously sweaty. Double Dutch is good too, but sometimes a wee bit hoochy, hee hee.
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Little Baobab! So much fun. Totally unpretentious -- I think I saw a girl doing the robot there last time. International music, but easy to dance to, great happy crowd.

The vibe changes a bit after midnight... dudes getting more aggressive as the night wears on, etc.
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Heiko Laux playing at Kontrol tonight... at the End Up. Despite the sleazy End Up rep, Kontrol is reliably good. (if you're into techno)
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Ships In The Night is a great a monthly queer dance party happening at The Oasis in downtown Oakland (right next to a BART stop) tonight. $5 at the door; Aquarians get in free before 11pm.
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Sorry--I totally unintentionally disregarded the "as long as it's in the city" provision. Oof.
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Make-Out Room?
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