Cable modem/wireless router combo with EASY set-up
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Please help me choose an easy to use, reliable cable modem/wireless router combo:

I have a Mac Mini. I get my internet connection from Time Warner Cable. I'm using the wired modem that TWC installed for me about 2+ years ago. I want to get a wireless router, and I like the idea of also replacing the aging modem at the same time so I have a single device that will serve both purposes--cable modem and wireless router.

Assume that I know, and want to know, absolutely nothing about any of this stuff. I just want to plug the thing in, go through some Installation Wizard thing, and it will work. And I want to do it without visiting the special hell that is Calling the Cable Company. I'll be using this connection in a medium-sized house, with no need for extra speed or any special features other than EASINESS.

I'd love recommendations for specific brand + model, and for good places to buy online.
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You cannot use your own cable modem.

You can; as a matter of fact I have Time Warner and I do. You'll just have to call them and read them the MAC address off the bottom of the modem so they can activate it.

BIG GOTCHA: Make sure they TURN OFF the other modem on the account. T/W was nice enough to leave both active when I changed from their modem to mine, and they double-billed me for months before I noticed.
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Best answer: You can use your own cable modem, but I don't recommend it. Every time you call in because your internet is down, they're going to give you a hard time about it.

Just get an airport express and use their modem. There's no benefit to having your own, really.
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