Identifying a design aesthetic.
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What art/design style/aesthetic would these sci-fi pictures be classified as?

I've had "raygun gothic" suggested to me but that doesn't quite feel like a proper fit. The artist is Japanese but things in the images (the floating castle, the robot, softness of the plants) makes me think of 50s and 60s sci-fi, of the "very far future" sort: 1 2 3

Bonus question: is there a site which catalogs different modern(-ish) art styles or designs, along with a good sampling of examples? So in the future if I wondered, "I want a design that looks like this" I could browse and figure out just what "this" is in each case.
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Angelfire blocks direct linking. Here are the pictures.
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Ah! I thought that would work. -.- The pictures I linked specifically are end3, end4, and end9. Thanks, zamboni. =)
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Sorry, let me clarify. I'm specifically looking how you'd describe the style of the robot, the ships, and the like, not so much the technique used. Like, Star Wars technology has a very specific look to it; I've heard it described as "used future".
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I guess the style is somewhere between René Laloux and Ghibli...

Fantastique, maybe? I dunno.
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