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I, a huge coffee fan, have a bag of Kopi Luwak that I was given as a gift. I cracked it open today, and can't help but think that it's a tad on the stale side. Probably because it was pre-ground. Okay, whatever, I'm sure you can buy recently roasted beans, right? The edible store only seems to carry pre-groud! At 24gdp for about fifty grams, this strikes me as a total sin. So tell me meta-folks, where can I order the beans, without the grinding? (Preferably with some reasonable guarantee that I'm actually getting what I pay for.) Humor a coffee snob.
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Searching for "whole bean kopi luwak" seems to return a lot of hits.
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Best answer: I think Porto Rico would be pretty reliable. They roast to order and you can specify light, medium or dark.
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Civet Crap Coffee, just $29.99 (or less with one of their regular $5 off $25, $10 off $30/$40 coupons) for 57g straight from your friends at Think Geek.

when I bought a package last year as an Xmas gift, it came in whole beans, and the entire house went silent for nearly an hour as we poured over the beans, carefully inspecting each for microscopic specks of fecal matter.
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Assuming you're in the UK (for "gdp" read "gbp", yes?) Sea Island Coffee ships via
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I bought my brother in law some Sea Island at xmas, will ask and let you know if they were any good.
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Best answer: I decided I'd be least likely to be ripped off if I bought from a vendor who contributed what looked to me like knowledgeable commentary about the process (not that I know anything about coffee, but anyway) in coffee forums. I found two: Rocket Fuel Coffee and Real Kopi Luwak. I eventually bought from Rocket Fuel Coffee. It was a gift for my MIL so I only got to sample a sip, but the sip was really really smooth. I didn't buy from Real Kopi Luwak because it would have involved a much longer transit time to get to where I am.
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