Sending out a daily photo email. What's the best way to organize the mailing list?
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I want to charge people to receive one of my photos everyday via email. What's the most efficient way to set this up?

I'm an amateur photographer, but people seem to like my photos. Enough that I've sold several prints locally. I want to set up a subscription service where people would pay a small amount to receive one of my photos via email everyday. Here's the catch: I have a full-time day job and other responsibilities, and don't have a ton of time to administer this. I want to accept the payments via my PayPal account, which is already set up.

Does anyone know of a mailing list or similar service that would allow me to:
1) Organize and track subscribers. I'll give them the option of subscribing for one month to a whole year, so an interface that would allow me to add an email address and check a box that says "subscribe for 1 month" or "subscribe for 7 months" would be great.
2) Automate the daily emails. I'd like to, for example, spend Sunday evening creating the emails and schedule them to send out for next seven days.

Is there anything else I'm not thinking of?

I don't mind paying for the mailing list or service, as long as it's not too much. I don't expect this to be a huge money maker, and part of the satisfaction is in knowing that people are enjoying my photos, but I do want to charge something as one of my ideas is to donate each month's revenue to a different charity.

Thanks in advance!
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Response by poster: Thanks, that's a great lead, and I might go with that. I'm looking for something that might be a little more customizable. Any other suggestions?
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Sent a memail since I'm a few days late. Check out mailchimp.
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