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Making a mix tape: Need songs about moving away from home for the very first time. Any suggestions?

One of my good friends just graduated from college and is now moving to the South. I'm attempting to make her a mix tape filled with songs about moving away from home/growing up. I'm looking for songs along the lines of "Leaving on a Jet Plane" with a little bit of "Free Bird" thrown in as well. Her tastes tend toward classic rock/indie/songs from the '80s and '90s ... or basically anything. Whatcha got?

As always, thanks in advance!
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When in doubt, The The's This Will Be the Day. Always the best "you're doing a new thing and it's scary and amazing" song.
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Dixie Chicks, "Wide Open Spaces."
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"She's Leaving Home", by the Beatles.
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Winding Road by Bonnie Somerville. This is a great "I'm moving on" song.
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Gladys Knight and the Pips, Midnight Train to Georgia!
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sweet Home Alabama (with Southern Man for balance if you like)
Paul Simon, Graceland
Grateful Dead, Truckin'
Led Zeppelin, Ramble On
Allman Brothers, Ramblin Man
U2, Where the Streets Have No Name
CSNY, Southern Cross
Neil Young, Long May You Run
Duran Duran, My Own Way
Kelly Clarkson, Breakaway (don't judge!)
Natasha Bedingfield, Unwritten (okay, seriously, please don't judge)
Celine Dion, A New Day Has Come (I think there's something wrong with me)
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"Chartered Trips" Husker Du ?
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Driving Away from Home by It's Immaterial
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David's Last Summer by Pulp.
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"Moving Out (Anthony's Song)" - Billy Joel
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Leaving Home by Jebadiah was huge the Summer I moved out of home.
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I love M. Ward's "Helicopter." (Helicopter send your long rope down / let me sway into the sunset / I have done all I can do in this town)

The Weakerthans' "Left and Leaving" is great for this purpose. "Aside," from the same album, is also solid.

"My Valuable Hunting Knife" by Guided By Voices fits the indie aesthetic and the era you requested, and is about wanting to start a new life, with your, ahem, you get the idea.

From hip-hop, the Blue Scholars' "Freewheelin'" has a refrain that would make it fit. The Clipse's "Hello New World" may fit in some ways, and hopefully not in others.

"Journey of the Featherless" by Cloud Cult is also a favorite.

Finally, let me suggest "(It's a) Departure" by the Long Winters. Besides being about leaving, there's also a healthy bit of nostalgia there. "I like the old days. But not all of the old days. Only the *good* old days."
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DJ Shadow has an instrumental track called "You Can't Go Home Again". It's very upbeat.
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Please please please check out A Place Called Home by Kim Richey, I can't think of a better song for a mix like this. A little sad, but really beautiful. It might tend a bit country-ish, but definitely has an indie/singer-songwriter vibe.

It would have a hallowed place on any mix tape I'd make in your position.
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"Welcome to Paradise" by Green Day. Bwa ha ha.
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"Letting Go" by Suzy Bogguss
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Perhaps a little more from the melancholy-but-still-hopeful side, Suzy Bogguss' Letting Go.
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foo on simultaneous posting! (I previewed, really I did.)
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"Learning to Fly" by Tom Petty may fit.
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A Little Rain from Bone Machine.
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The Mountain Goats - "Woke Up New"

I listened to it all the time during an especially difficult period at college.
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I think "Circle Game" is pretty apt.
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Lucky Boys Confusion: City Lights

Dexter Freebish: Leaving Town
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America by Simon & Garfunkel
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"Wildlife" by Utopia. One of my favorite songs.
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(Sorry, that first link should go here.)
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Murray McLauchlan's Child's Song. David Bromberg does a very nice version of it (even better than Tom Rush's, IMO) on his Reckless Abandon LP.
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"London" by the Smiths
"Smalltown Boy" Bronski Beat
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Jimmy Cliff- You Can Get It If You Really Want
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Crowded House, Distant Sun: "Still so young to travel so far / Old enough to know who you are / Wise enough to carry the scars without any blame"

Paul Weller, Uh Huh, Oh Yeh (simultaneously about acknowledging your roots and starting a new phase of your life): "And in my mind I saw the place / As each memory returned to trace / Dear reminders of who I am / The very roots upon which I stand / And there they were, for all to see, / My long-lost used-to-be's / And all the dreams I had to dream / Were really something, not make-believe."

The Divine Comedy, Tonight We Fly: "Tonight we fly, over the mountains, the beach, and the sea / Over the friends that we've known, and those that we now know, and those that we've yet to meet / And when we die, oh will we be that disappointed or sad / if heaven doesn't exist? What will we have missed? / This life is the best we've ever had!"
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"Young Turks" by Rod Stewart
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Might not be a good fit but On Your Porch came to mind.
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Freedom Overspill by Steve Winwood. If you like the 80s.
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"Away From Home" - Klark Kent
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Steve Forbert - So God to Feel Good Again
Billy Joel - Movin' Out and The Great Suburban Showdown
Elton John - Goodbye Yellowbrick Road
Rickie Lee Jones - Pirates (So Long Lonely Avenue)
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Butterfly Boucher - Another White Dash
The Unlovables - Disaster
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Not the right song if you're looking for upbeat, but how about Sugar Mountain by Neil Young.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much! I ended up with too many songs that I wanted to include, so I made two mix tapes ... and she loved them. Success.
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gypsyhyms, I'd love to see the track listings, and I hope you'll post them. So glad your friend liked your mixes. What a thoughtful gift!
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Party in the U.S.A.

Dammit, wish I'd seen this sooner :)
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