Small, powerful, and cheap - can I really only pick two?
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My Hitachi Magic Wand can get me off like nothing else, but it's a bit intimidating in partner sex. Is there anything smaller that can come close?

I'm a girl who requires strong stimulation to be able to orgasm. After trying a bunch of different vibrators (the Eroscillator, it does nothing for me!), I finally hit on the Hitachi Magic Wand, and it's never failed to do its job for me.

My partner and I haven't taken a vibrator to bed with us yet, but we're considering it since it can be exhausting to try to get me off otherwise. He's totally open to using a vibrator on me in general, but the magic wand is just...way too much for him. It's too large, ugly, and unwieldy to bring in in the middle of the party, and it basically just turns him off.

I'd like to try to find something a bit friendlier to him for us to use. Our main requirement is that it needs to have seriously powerful vibrations - the closer it is to the power of a magic wand, the better - and be smallish. Doesn't have to be teeny-tiny, but it should be manipulable with one hand and, well, not look so much like heavy equipment. If it's cordless and/or waterproof and/or rechargeable, so much the better for its versatility for us, but it doesn't HAVE to be those. Not interested in vibrators with internal bits for this, unless they're somehow magic and can be used while he's inside me. Anything that's made of material that's very flexible is unlikely to be useful, as it won't be able to be pressed hard enough against me to do the job.

Ideally I'd be spending no more than $50 on this, but I know that vibrator quality goes way up the more you're willing to spend, so let's peg about $100 as the upper limit.

I've tried to include as much useful information as I can think of, but if I missed anything, my throwaway email is
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Not sure if they'll be powerful enough for you, but have you checked out any offerings from Jimmyjane? Specifically the Form 2 or 3? They're small and easy to use with a partner, for the most part, and waterproof. Not as powerful as the Magic Wand, but the Form 2 is definitely more powerful than the Wevibe or most other toys of that size.

Plus, they're rechargable.
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I can't seem to find the one I was thinking of, but how about something like the SIRI? It's at the top of your price range, but rechargeable, and listed as packing a "punch" - not like the Magic Wand, probably, but might be close enough. The great folks at that website would also have recommendations for you (and they're great in the stores, too, if you're near one).
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OK, I know the Wahl 7-in-1 looks almost as much like a power tool as the HMW, but I do think it's *slightly* less obtrusive.
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After the previous vibrator thread today, I was browsing Babeland and came across the We Vibe II. It's thin enough to remain inside during sex, while also delivering external stimulation (and vibrations for him too). I have no experience with this personally, but the Youtube video they included on the Babeland site piqued my curiosity.
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Someone I know well (not me, seriously!) went from the Magic Wand to the Jimmy Jane (mentioned above) Form 6 (different model) with no problem at all. It's more than you wanted to spend, but it's pretty!
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Seconding the Wahl. I've bought some for others, too, and it's been a universal hit.
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The Accuvibe is cordless, and slightly hipper looking. I find the Wahl to be more intimidating than the MW, myself. It looks like a weird ray-gun!
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The Mystical Wand is a good substitute for Wanda (yes, I named my Hitachi). Grr... I can't link to it b'c I'm on my phone, but search Good Vibrations for Mystic Wand, waterproof. Despite being cordless, it packs a punch that rivals Wanda's, all in a much cuter package! The price is a little more than $50: $68 at GV.
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Small? Check!
Powerful? Check!
Cheap? Check!

I've had the Vibratex Classic Mystic Wand for a few months and it's awesome. It has six functions (which are actually useful) and within the low/medium/high settings I find the medium is as good, if not better, than most anything else I've tried. The frequency is really nice, too. Less numbing BUZZ!!!1! and more bzzzzzzzzzz. It's really well made and I haven't had any concerns about motor burn-out. The neck is also really flexible without being mushy.

It rates a 5/5 on the Good Vibrations Intensity Scale that gingerbeer mentioned and is also extremely quiet. has it for $50, the cheapest I was able to find. There's also a rechargeable version for $80, but I wouldn't trust it to match the power and/or stamina of the 4 AA batteries in the original.
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Ideally I'd be spending no more than $50 on this, but I know that vibrator quality goes way up the more you're willing to spend, so let's peg about $100 as the upper limit.

I thought this was true, but my current favourite is a little silver bullet vibe worth about $15 that I got free from Babeland when I bought some more expensive stuff. On the highest setting with fresh batteries it packs quite a punch, and the frequency is lower than some of my others, which I really like.

You might also want to look into vibrating cock rings, if your boy is into that idea. We have a Lelo one that I like.
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We have this.

We got it on sale at Wal-Mart for like $12. I've recommended it to many people, and every single one of them has come back to say O-MI-GOD. It's not small, and the end protrudes past the pad significantly, so you wouldn't want to use it during penetrative sex while on your back, but from other, more canine-style activities, it is great.

Or solo. I'm seconds from zero-to-hero.

Prior to that, and with other partners, I have used generic oscillating disposable electric toothbrushes with great success in the past. Specificially ones with heads that look like this.

Depending on your...erm...sensitivity, you may elect to use the BACK of the head instead of the bristle area. Common advice says to put it in a condom before use, but the very-dirty-girls I've experimented with before never like it as much that way, they just go for soft-bristle and a good scrubbing afterwards. Very unobtrusive and very, very, very intense. Obviously pressing harder or softer, etc, produces varying results. Some folks I know use this method exclusively when they want to squirt. The bonus is that you can "leave it out" and not worry about guests/company/children seeing it and/or messing with it.
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Hi! Friendly local vibe sales lady here.

The Magic Wand is a tough one to top. It's got a good deep penetrating vibration that is good for getting deep into tissue and really stimulating things. It's worth noting that using a vibe with a partner can be a different experience to using it on your own - there's a lot of fun psychological things that come into play when it's your partner doing the driving, so to speak. You may find you don't need quite as strong a vibration when there is the other stimulation present that comes with making love to someone you adore.

That said, We II suggested up thread is an excellent option. It's way, way smaller in person than it looks, and is flat and thin. It works by targeting vibration at the either side of the clitoris. Check this out to give you a better idea. When in place, the We has the larger of the two vibrating pads outside, resting against the clitoral head, and the other tucked in behind the base against the g spot. It basically delivers a vibrating cuddle to the clit and g spot, while being small enough to allow penetration. I've had some seriously good feedback on this toy. It's not a cheap toy, by any stretch, but it's designed for use by couples, it's small and powerful, and it's ridiculously well made. I've personally sold at least a thousand of these since they were released and haven't had a single faulty one. They're well worth the investment.

Another option is a bullet style toy, something small that your partner can use on you as part of foreplay or during penetration . For a stronger make, I'd try the RO-120. It's the larger of the RO series bullet (the RO 80 is about half as long) but it's crazy strong. The RO 100 with the rubber tip is good too if you're worried about that point getting in the way or jabbing sensitive tissue.

The Mystic Wand is about on par with the Hitatchi, but without the cord plugging effectively tying you to the wall. It is however kind of ginormous.

Have you tried taking a lateral approach? Accelerator gels make the clit more sensitive, so less stimulation is required. I've had good feedback on the Flower Balm and the La Viva Gel. I'm in Australia, and due to some fun import regulations I don't have a lot of experience with the products available in the States. The La Viva is probably one of the better gels, but I can't find a link to a US retailer.

Another, more drastic approach is to shelve the vibe in the leadup to sexytime. Often, the more frustrated you are, the easier it is to climax. This is a fairly brutal approach, however.

If you have access to one, I'd advise popping into somewhere like Babeland and having a chat to the staff. Often they'll have demo models you can have a look at. An anonymous post suggests to me that you may be a bit shy about asking questions. What you're describing is a fairly common issue and any clerk worth their salt should be able to help you.

Feel free to mefi mail me if you want more info.
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No specific rec, but edenfantasys has reviews, rankings for power and noisiness, good selection, and is easy to browse.

I still cringe every time I type their url, though.
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The Wahl Coil is my go-to when I don't want to break out the big guns. It's intense, relatively small, and WAY quieter than the Hitachi.
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Why switch off a good thing? There are liberator-type apparati that have a pocket to hold your wand in place while doin the dawg.
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Nthing the Mystic Wand. It's cordless, and a lot smaller than the Hitachi, but still big-ish (and kind of ugly), so I don't know if it would still be intimidating for your partner(s).

Lelo's got a fantastic line of vibes that are both pretty and powerful, and many of them are very small. The Nea is probably one of the smallest vibes you can get that's still fairly powerful--it's still not nearly as strong as either of the *Wands, but it's still potent. The Mona looks like a fairly innocuous feminine high-end vibrator, and probably isn't very intimidating (at least for a partner who is generally open to accessorizing), but is quite strong. The dual-stim version of that one, the Ina, is my reliable go-to everyday toy. It gets the job done rather well.
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I put a long, purple polka dotted sock over my magic wand. It softens up the intimidation factor a bit and hasn't scared anyone off yet!
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