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iPhoneFilter: Pictures/videos in my "photo library" on my iPhone (NOT camera roll)...how do I delete them?

My Google-fu has failed me on this one. All I came up with was one suggestion for a software download, not sure if it's legit, looking for suggestions from folks who have been there.

The items I want to delete are five approximately 10-minute-long videos that I transferred at one time from a computer that was not mine to my iPhone. They are backed up on that computer. They are currently taking up space on my phone and I just want them gone. That the "photo library" does not have delete icons for items like the "camera roll" is driving me nuts. Please help! I'm on PC at home, if that's relevant. Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: Not sure as I'm not at my home computer where I sync my phone but connect up your iPhone, open iTunes and click on your phone. Click the Photo tab and you should be able to de-select the videos from there.

But this is all on Macs so YMMV. Good luck!
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Best answer: Isn't this done in iTunes--when you attach the phone, there should be a tab for other kinds of media that get synced (movies, tv shows, and photos). Go there, uncheck the media you don't want and they should disappear when you next sync.
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You should be able to delete videos by swiping.
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Best answer: What Admiral Haddock said. Those photos are on your iPhone from syncing. Connect you phone to your computer and un-sync them. You do that on the photos tab, which you'll see after you click on the name of your iPhone under "devices".
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Response by poster: Thank you! Syncing confuses me sometimes. I did not have iTunes set up to sync any photos/videos on my home computer, so to delete the "photo library" junk, I wound up just selecting an empty folder on my computer to sync to. Easy peasy!

Russilwvong, didn't have the option to swipe-to-delete on my phone - maybe it is an iPhone 4 thing? Should have specified I'm using a 3GS.

Marking all the iTunes-related answers as best even though I would up doing something a little different, as you led me down the right path!
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