Help me find this photo blog
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Help me find this photo blog I used to follow: I don't remember the name, but it always presented a single photograph that was updated infrequently (maybe once a month?) ... the guy who took the photos had an Asian name, but to my knowledge never appeared any photos. His girlfriend was also a frequent subject of the photos and she was white. He also listed the lens, camera and other information at the bottom of the photo. Most of the photos were shot digitally, but a few were vintage cameras. The domain was also short and catchy. Any ideas?

Sorry for the hap hazard description, it is sort of hard to describe a photo blog. The aesthetic of the site was also very simple. I'm pretty sure there was no blog attached to it.

As you can see, this is hard to Google. A lot of the photos were just his friends doing various things, they were pretty outdoorsy. I'm pretty sure this was a popular photo blog, so it wasn't some obscure thing ... but again, so hard to Google!
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was it tien's blog?
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Response by poster: Nope, most of the pictures were outdoors, it had a Vermont or Pacific Northwest feel to it.
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Did they have kids? Was it The site no longer seems to be there, but if you poke around in the index, there appear to be photos of the kids and the wife (not the photos that I remember from the blog, though).
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Response by poster: No kids, the people were usually not the subject of the photo, but incidental.

remembered another important detail ... I'm fairly certain he had a gallery show of pictures of comic books. I might be murky on the details, but it was literally just comic books, not really zoomed in or anything ... but just the books themselves. I'm pretty sure this made some blog rounds around 2009, probably last time I checked the site regularly. It was an early blog, I wouldn't be surprised if it got started around 2006/7 or earlier.
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Response by poster: I hate to be so chatty in my own thread, but as I think about this more, details are starting to come to me. I want to say the domain ended in an -able, like ... but that's down and there are no references to it anywhere.
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Best answer: Ah I found it! After a week of Googling I turn here and describing it to strangers jogged my memory enough:

And the author is Khoi Uong (I actually remembered his name Khoi, but because Khoi Vinh hits every search on Khoi, I assumed I had misremembered the name). It looks like he stopped posting in 2009, which is too bad.

Here's his comic book series for those interested.

Thanks Metafilter!
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