Romantic, vegetarian, and not swamped?
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Need recommendations for decently classy, vegetarian-friendly restaurants in DC that might still take a Valentine's Day reservation.

Nora is out, so I'm looking for suggestions - we have a very new baby, and I fell down on the job on this w/the resulting busyness. Help us have the quiet evening together that we could *really* use right now!
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Zaytinya is decently classy, but it ain't quiet.
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I've been to Cafe of India a couple times and really liked it. Might be worth a shot.
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Have you tried OpenTable? It's showing that Savour is accepting reservations for Valentine's Day. I don't know if we have the same criteria for "decently classy", but when I ate there a few months ago I thought they'd done well with the service, decor, and vegetarian options on their menu.
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There was supposed to be link there: Savour. Also, I was supposed to say that OpenTable will let you search on "Vegetarian" as a style of cuisine. Damn this itchy posting finger!
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I don't know if they'll have reservations available but I've found that Founding Farmers and Farmers & Fishers in Georgetown are both very vegetarian friendly. If you're interested in Indian food, Indique or Indique Heights would definitely fit the bill. Also, Lebanese Taverna.
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