Cardboard to plastic
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What's the best way of turning a cardboard art project model into plastic?

I have a ~80x20x20 cm cardboard model made of rectangular boxes, nothing tricky. It's made out of cardboard, and it's old. I'd love to have the same thing made into plastic.

Where do I start? Where can I go? Who can I ask?
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You're probably looking at buying sheets of some sort of plastic, cutting out parts and gluing them together. Anything else is likely to be prohibitively expensive.
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If you can build a CAD model of the object, you can send it to i.materialise for 3D printing.
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There are also many other companies who offer this service.
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The guys at Glif blogged about their process in making it: Idea to Market in 5 Months: Making the Glif. Their post might have some good insights about how to go about it. Incidentally, the 3D printer they used was Shapeways.
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