Where should I watch the Superbowl in Milwaukee (Mayfair mall area)?
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Where should I watch the Superbowl in Milwaukee (Mayfair mall area)?

For totally-unrelated-to-football reasons, I'm arriving in Milwaukee on Superbowl Sunday! I have a friend in the area, but he says "we don't really watch football". Seriously?! Sadly, no meetup is planned over on the IRL tab, but I'd still love to watch the game with some friendly locals to get in the spirit of things. What's a local hangout where there will be some welcoming people watching the game?

(More details: Yes, I'll be rooting for the Packers, so no worries there! I'll be staying in the Mayfair Mall area, and I will not have a car. Single female traveling alone filter as well, so I'm looking for festive, not rowdy. The less smoking the better and good food is a plus!)
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There is a Buffallo Hot Wings across from the mall. There's lot of big screen TV's and no question the game will be the only focus. It's a chain, so should be civilized
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I would say the BW3 is your best bet in that area. There is also a Dave & Busters within a block of the mall, but while I have no doubt that the game will be on, I'm not sure it will be the ideal viewing situation. When you say you are staying in the Mayfair Mall area, I am assuming the Ramada or Holiday Inn Express on North Ave? Dave & Busters would be the easiest to walk to from either of those, BW3 is more of a hike. We've recently had a LOT of snow (you may have heard) and some areas are not quite dug out yet so that may be a concern.

Also, Wisconsin has a smoking ban in all public buildings, so that will not be a problem for you wherever you decide.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers so far! Your answers don't have to be within walking distance of the mall, I just don't want to be taking a $30 cab ride each way. We do have Bdubs where I'm from and I've watched games there before and had fun, so I'll definitely keep them in mind. Any Milwaukee-unique places nearby?
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Just a little down the road from Bdubs (a mile or two) is Mo's Irish Pub, and they're apparently having some big all-inclusive Superbowl deal: Tickets here. $75 looks like it'd get you their whole dinner menu and open bar. It's relatively classy, so I'd say it tends towards festive more than rowdy.

Note that this week's snowfall has put a serious crimp in whatever pedestrian friendliness Wauwatosa/Milwaukee might ordinarily have, and taxis don't roam the streets for fares on this side of town so much. I mean, I always seem them lounging around Wisconsin Avenue Park, but since I can drive I've never approached them to find out what their deal is. I assume the concierge at your hotel can arrange a taxi, though.
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By the way, Milwaukee is not like larger cities when it comes to cabs. You will see zero cabs on the street that you can flag down. You have to call and arrange for one. Which might be quite difficult on SuperBowl Sunday.
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The Chancery in the Wauwatosa Village - it's near enough to Mayfair, good food, it's not a national chain so you get that Wisconsin vibe, and the crowd is likely to be people 25 and up so they won't be as rowdy as college kids.

Ditto what everyone else said about getting a taxi - you have to call ahead of time.

If you have specific questions about the area, feel free to ping me via memail, I grew up close to Mayfair although we live near the lake now.
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P.S. Smoking is banned inside bars and restaurants here.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help! I did end up in Wauwatosa Village, but we went to a different restaurant, Cafe Hollander. Pretty good! I was hoping for some more rabid fans, but it worked out. Hurray for the Packers- nice win!
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