How do I prep for a talkshow?
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What resources are useful for prepping a webshow?

I am producing a web talk show in the near future and looking for prep advice as this is my first entry into non-scripted programming.

Most of the prep information I find online is for radio shows and involves where to find stories, etc.

We are addressing a specific topic for each show, so we are not very news based. I am just trying to figure out how to make sure our hosts have enough to talk about and have a general idea of a flow of conversations.

Any resources for this? Documents others use, etc?
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On a tech level, you might want to listen to The Mixdown.

You could probably learn a fair bit just listening to a few shows on 5 by 5. He has a pretty good rapport with his guests - and I know for the regular shows he likes to have them work on a list of topics - you could do the same for any of your upcoming guests. I look forward to the show.
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Pre-interviews are critical to any talk show with guests. Make sure the guests are well lubed, so to speak, so that they aren't stuttering around after being asked a question they hadn't prepared for or were surprised by (unless you're looking for an ambush and response, of course.)
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Response by poster: We are not actually using guests (at least not initially). Picture it a bit like the TWIT shows, just with only two people and not really a host like Leo. If Leo and Dvorak were equals and it was just the two of them every week.
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One mistake interviewers can make if they're nervous is not to listen to the answers. If they're fixating on their next question and treating the answer from the interviewee as blah blah blah, and just waiting for it to stop, they can miss something important.
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