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My girlfriend asked me to purchase a rabbit vibrator for valentines day gift. What rabbit vibrator should I get her? NSFW

Her request to purchase a "rabbit" seemed like a simple enough task. After a quick search, I found out that the original is jelly based and potentially has phthalates. I then broadened my search to other models and was shocked at all of the different variations on the rabbit design. After being inundated by all of the knockoffs, I decided to ask mefi for any recommendations.

After doing some reading, I think I am looking for a model that is phthalate free or silicone, has a good build quality, durable and preferably rechargeable. Price doesn't really matter. Thanks!

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Is your girlfriend concerned about phthalates in her vibrator, or are you? Unless you've talked about it and she's said she cares, I wouldn't assume she does. I wouldn't. If she asked specifically for a Rabbit, I wouldn't get her a knockoff or something else unless you clarify with her that she wants something else. I think you need to ask her what she wants, because these sorts of preferences are very personal.
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I am on a system where I can't easily browse for nsfw stuff to check, but I will note that if the folks at have a "blowfish recommends" version of a rabbit, it's probably good, assuming it's in line with what your gf asked for.
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I think you should offer to take her shopping to make sure she gets what she wants and both of you can trade ideas for other purchases. This is an excellent segue into other discussions and activities...
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Here's one that's phthalate-free and latex-free, from Toys in Babeland.
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I concur with Inspector.Gadget Vibes are such a personal thing, having her pick one out will prevent buyers remorse plus it will be a nice field trip.
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Rabbit habit at Pthalate free and quite awesome, if I do say so myself.
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You should go together to your local friendly sex toy store. If you can follow up and tell us where you are, we might be able to tell you where this would be.
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A Woman's Touch (online or Madison/Milwaukee, WI), Smitten Kitten (Twin Cities) and the aforementioned Babeland are all friendly, helpful and low-key for women and their partners. (I won't link from work :P)

The thing about the bunny is that it has the giant penetration part and the buzzing bunny part. (Okay, and the movable angle and the pearls, but those never really made any difference to me personally.) First off, you want to figure out where she'd want the controls. I recall that there are several different models; one has the controls right in the base of the unit (huh-huh) and another had the controls connected to the unit by a thin cord. The cord isn't typically intrusive, but in my experience with corded vibes the connections can come loose and it might make a corded model less durable.

What I might suggest to you is to pick out a big bunny with her. However, when you give something to her that you've picked out on your own, you might start with a cheap bullet vibe and a separate bunny cover, which they should also sell at the store. That will provide a less expensive entry into the world of the bunny vibe but still give her the fun of the vibrating ears, etc. A bullet vibe is way, way more versatile and may be waterproof or otherwise usable in ways a larger bunny vibe might not be.

My favorite bullet vibe is purple and made by Doc Johnson. It has four speeds and a corded controller, is waterproof and under 20 bucks. It is the BEST.
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Make sure you get a smaller one. Something with a slightly curved shaft would also be good, as it makes it easier for the vibrator to reach the clitoris.
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Nthing "take her shopping". Everyone's ladybits have their own idiosyncrasies, and it really sucks to drop a lot of cash on a non-returnable, un-enjoyable, sex toy.
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Make sure you get a smaller one.

Wondering why?

I'm nth-ing the "It's really best to pick these things out for yourself" because there are so many options, and people want different things. Some people want a big honking ol' vibrator and some people want a little delicate precision tool.
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I'm a personal fan of the Rosebud. It's less...weird looking to me than the original Rabbit, and is made of silicone. =)

Although if she has very strong PC muscles, she might break the motor inside the insertable portion like I did. D= but it's still a great vibe, even if it can't rotate.
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The Tool Shed in Milwaukee, WI carries the Sexy Bunny which meets the rabbit requirement and the silicone requirement. I commend you on being smart and caring enough not to buy a toy made of jelly!
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